A Woman With Schizophrenia Reveals Incredible Wisdom!

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It is often believed that severe mental illness is something that us “normal” folks cannot relate to. It is perceived to be a disease of the mind that is completely different and separate from what we label as a “healthy” mind. I myself once felt I could not relate to mental illness like hearing voices for example… until I saw this video. We all hear voices in our heads in one way or another. We all think thoughts. We do not need to let them control us… but we often do. As much as they are only thoughts, humans have built this tendency believe them without question and let them guide our every word, action and reaction.

Now imagine such thoughts becoming audible to you, reflecting all of your fears, worries, insecurities and beliefs about yourself and the world like a magnifying glass. Imagine them taking a life of their own and trying to convince you that your fears and insecurities are real and that you should adapt your whole life around them. Is this really an “illness” that falls into a completely different category than hearing thoughts in our heads and believing in them?

It is now clear to me that some mental illnesses can be regarded as tools of personal growth, magnifying our most deep rooted beliefs and fears similar to how the common ego reflects our insecurities. In both cases, we are being shown our self-sabotaging perceptions as an opportunity to re-empower ourselves to transcend them.

This video of a women describing her schizophrenia will re-empower you to observe your own mind with more compassion and understanding and to reclaim the driver’s seat of your life. If she can do it, we all can 🙂



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A Woman With Schizophrenia Reveals Incredible Wisdom!