Mehdi Nodehi
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M.Sc. in Biochemistry, creator of, intuitive energy worker, visionary and entrepreneur. I'm deeply grateful to be here and share this unique and rare moment with you right now. A moment filled with infinite potential, a sense of interconnection, love, joy, passion, compassion, healing and continuous growth. My previous education, research & work involves; Regulatory protein research at the Dept. of Biochemistry at Uppsala University. Market Analyst, Consultant and Product Manager for Big Pharma & Biotech corporations (before I knew better!). Initiator & co-creator of Earthship Biotecture Sweden & Earthship Biotecture Europe. A graduate from the School Of Entrepreneurship at Uppsala University. Also been doing 12 years of independent public interest research. Stay cool folks! :)

The Resurrection Of Tesla

Nicola Tesla died all alone, impoverished and in debt in a hotel room at the New Yorker Hotel on january 7th 1943. Almost completely unnoticed by the world he worked so hard to selflessly serve. Exact…

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