Fashion Student Is Making Bags Out Of Human Skin. This Is Something You Need To See…

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“The final outcome consists of a range of conceptual commercial leather products cultivated from extracted human biological material. The Pure Human project theoretically uses Alexander McQueen biological information since his initial hair labels represent a reliable source of authenticated genetic information.” she wrote on her website.

These preliminary pictures of what her final product could look like where made possible with the use of pig skin. While pig skin already resembles human skin, she also made the addition of silicon for an enhance realist look and before painting “freckles” as the final touch.

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PH pure-human-tina-gorjanc-central-saint-martins-material-futures-fashion-design-leather_dezeen_1568_9

‘The project itself is critical and speculative in its nature,’ Ms Gorjanc told MailOnline.

‘Its end goal was never and is not to make a collection from the de-extinct skin of the dead designer for commercial purposes.

‘The mock-up products that were made during the project aim to showcase one of the possible applications that this technology can have in the future, when biological materials are regarded as a source of luxury.’ she said.


Image credits: Tina Gorjanc

PH pure-human-tina-gorjanc-central-saint-martins-material-futures-fashion-design-leather_dezeen_936_5

Image credits: Tina Gorjanc

At the moment, the real collection will never see the light of day as the designer believes this is a project that is better funded by big corporations.

‘The tests that were made in the laboratory were purely intended to for me to understand the technology and see how far I can exploit them. This technology still has a long way to go and big corporations with better equipped laboratory have a better chance of developing it further.” says the young woman.

The good news? If this project gets the green-light one day, no animals will be harmed in the making of this collection.


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Fashion Student Is Making Bags Out Of Human Skin. This Is Something You Need To See...