Scientists Discover Forbidden Ancient Text That Teaches Superhuman Abilities

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Do you believe in magic? The Ars Notoria, the oldest known portion of the Lemegeton a.k.a the Lesser Key Of Solomon, is a rare ancient text that is said to grant supernatural abilities to the one using it’s secrets spells!

The Lesser Key Of Solomon, is an ancient grimoire – spell book – on demonology that was compiled in the mid-17th century. Divided into five books, the last part, the Ars Notoria contains a series of prayers that is said to grant eidetic memory and instantaneous leaning to the magician who’s using it.  

“…The Notory Art revealed by the Most High Creator to Solomon. In the Name of the Holy and undivided Trinity, beginneth this most Holy Art of Knowledge, revealed to Solomon, which the Most High Creator by his Holy Angels ministered to Solomon upon the Alter of the Temple; that thereby in short time he knew all Arts and Sciences, both Liberal and Mechanick, with all the Faculties and Properties thereof: He has suddenly infused into him, and also was filled with all wisdom, to utter the Sacred Mysteries of most Holy words…” – The Notory Art of Solomon.


The Ars Notoria – The History And The Truth…

Derived from on of the most well-known Christian demonology book, believers of the Ars Notoria, affirm that these texts provide knowledge and give the super natural ability to access ideas and rituals of people who had died long ago! Many believe doing these prayers and rituals will offer those who read and understand it, a silver tongue, perfect memory and unimaginable wisdom. It is said that King Solomon himself used the original writings of the Ars Notoria to become a compassionate ,wise and talented ruler on Earth.

“And know this; that if thou hast not the books in thy hands, or the faculty of looking into them is not given to thee; the effect of this work will not be the lesse therefore: but the Orations are twice then to be pronounced, where they were to be but once: And as to the knowledge of a vision, and the other virtues which these Holy Orations have; thou maist prove and try them, when and how thou wilt.”  –Ars Notoria The Notory Art of Solomon.


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Even though acquiring unimaginable wisdom and perfect memory using magic might be tempting, history has shown that it doesn’t come without a price. As John of Morigny, fourteenth-century monk, has to learn at it owns risk. Story goes that Morigny, who tried to achieve wisdom and academic mastery using the Ars Notoria, became afflicted with otherworldly and demonic visions. After his failed attempt, the monk when on and created his own grimoire called Libor Visonum, while stating that the Ars Notoria was real and worked, but warning reader that is came with an extremely high price.

Among other things, the ancient text teaches fascinating spell tricks. Such as the ‘magnetic experiment’, that uses a magnet and two needle of a compass to communicate over long distances. By “entangling” the two needles by rubbing them agains each other (thus creating a natural magnet), two individuals in two different locations could “talk” to each other by spelling words on a circle of letters and images. The principal being similar to spirit communication with the Ouija Board.

Of course, it is difficult to conclude whether or not such ancient texts had any real powers considering that in the distant past literacy was extremely low. Consequently, it was easy to manipulate people into making them believe that an ancient manuscript had evil and demonic powers associated with it and could truly give super human abilities.



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Scientists Discover Forbidden Ancient Text That Teaches Superhuman Abilities