Terrifying Haunted Object Caught On Film Moving By Itself

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The Crone of the Catskills is a cursed and hunted object originally found by two hikers during their trekking session in the New York’s Catskill mountains who is believed to haunt and torment it’s owner.

A few days after finding the statue, the hiker who took the statue home, started experiencing weird events in his house. The statue kept moving around the house, he started smelling pungent scent and hearing weird banging noises that kept him awake at night. However, things got really bad when the statue started moving on its own around the house.


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Some say the cave where he found the statue is a place known to the locals as prized location for satanist who love to come to these caves to sacrifice animals and do other occult rituals.

The hiker’s friend recount one of the last times he saw the statue:

” … I saw the muddy footprints […] the whole place smelled like a dog that had just rolled around in the dirt. His dog wouldn’t even come in the house. He went to show me where the statue was when he left last night but it was gone. When we found it, it was in his hallway and there was a big crack in the wall like it had been thrown there. He swears that he never touched the thing and left it in his living room …” 


Source: http://imgur.com/a/IiFo9

Later things got worse:

” …When we were standing in the hallway talking to this thing his dog started barking like crazy outside and when we went to see what was going on, we both thought we saw a woman standing in the dark corner of his living room. She was totally naked, really old, and dripping water, and her eyes sort of glowed in the dark. She was hunched over near his shelves. We both freaked the fuck out and ran outside, and this was in the middle of day. Whoever it was, wasn’t there when we went back in. We grabbed the statue and apologized again, wrapped it in a pillowcase and put it in a box. He’s just going to send it to you.

After realizing the object was the source of this newly found paranormal activities, the man decided to donate the statue to Greg Newkik and Dana Matthews owners of the Paranormal and Occult Museum.



The Crone arrives at Weird HQ | Via The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult

Evidence Caught On Film

After experiencing many of the same haunting events in their home – and even worse –  Newkik and Matthews decided to place a 24-hour surveillance on the object. For two months nothing was really caught on film until March 2nd, between 3:00 am and 4:00, where the camera was triggered three times.

For more information about Crone of of the Catskills read the blog post of  The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult.

Watch the spooky video bellow



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Terrifying Haunted Object Caught On Film Moving By Itself