Watch These Blind Sisters See The World For The First Time

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“Nothing compares to watching a child who was born blind open their eyes and see their mom for the first time in their life.”

12 year old Sonia and 6 year old Anita are sisters living in rural India who were both born blind with glaucoma. There is a simple $300, 15 minute surgery treatment that could have restored their sight long ago; but their parents only able to earn earn 17 cents an hour planting and harvesting rice by hand, often could barely make ends meat.

After surgery, the first thing Anita saw with her new eyes was her mom sitting right in front of her, crying tears of joy. “I can see mommy…,” Anita said over and over while hugging her mom, “I can see mommy…”

Thanks to a charitable organization called 20/20/20 Sonia and Anita, as well as hundreds of children each year, were gifted their sight back. The organization empowers local doctors and nurses in poor, developing, and rural areas through free training, equipment and financial aid; Allowing the local staff to provide quality, free life -changing surgeries to those in need.   It is estimated that  20 million children and adults in developing countries who may remain blind for their entire life simply because they are too poor to afford a $300 surgery. Over the past few years 20/20/20 has helped give back sight to 40,000 blind children and adults.

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Watch These Blind Sisters See The World For The First Time