10 Commercials That Actually Programmed You With Subliminal Messages

In 1957, an ad man by the name of James Vicary claimed that he was able to raise sale numbers at concessions by flashing key words like “Drink Coca-Cola” during films. Consumers had been wary of “subliminal” advertising. Afterall, No one
wants to feel manipulated.

While Vicary turned out to have created fraudulent data —–he could never replicate his results for curious observers—– and eventually was forced to admit that it was a hoax– Both the FCC and the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fireams (ATF) agencies have provisions
warning advertisers against any psychological tricks.

However, This has not stoppped art departements and ad firms from starving off bordedom (or sometimes to create controversy) with discrete messages that would likely go unnoticed without further inspections.

Check Out Some Of The most Well-Known Hidden Subliminal Messages Below:



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