10 Honest Signs Your Partner is Drifting Away

Its difficult finding the one person you want to commit yourself to for the rest of your life, and while you may feel like you have found that person, there is no scarier thought than thinking the person you care about may not feel the same about you.
It’s important to communicate openly about things like this but because it’s often a hard subject to approach and talk about it’s important to be able to recognize the signs that your partner may be beginning to pull away from you before its too late.

Here are 10 signs that your partner may no longer love you the way they once did.


1. Your partner no longer shows affection and love like they used to.

Sure, the honeymoon phase eventually ends, but do you feel like maybe it’s more than that? The first and most alarming sign is you feel like they are more interested in impressing someone other than you, you feel like the second option.

2. Your partner always has something else on their mind.

It’s date night, you and your partner go out to a nice restaurant, or perhaps a walk in the park, but do you feel like while they are there physically, they might not be there emotionally? It’s the feeling of being tolerated, as if they don’t have a better option than to be with you. It’s like you are being used, and its time for you to open up to them about how it feels.

3. You no longer know what to talk with them about.

Being quiet at times is great. It means you are both comfortable with each other, even in the times that you have nothing to talk about. It indicates that the both of you are happy and content just spending time together. However, there is a difference between being content with just being together and not knowing what to talk about that will keep their attention. Does it seem sometimes like even though you have a topic to discuss with your partner it might be useless because he or she doesn’t even listen or even seem to care.

4. Your partner constantly blames you for every failure.

Everybody makes mistakes, and while you may mess up sometimes, its important that both you and your partner share the burden. If your significant other constantly blames you or places the burden squarely on your shoulders, that’s not fair. It may seem as if they have very little tolerance for you now; as though they don’t even take the time to consider if you feel bad about the honest mistake you made. This is a telltale sign they are pulling away.

5. Your partner no longer supports you.

Your significant other is supposed to be a team member, they’re supposed to help you when your down and support you when you fail. If it seems like your partner holds you back more than they push you forward, it may be time to confront them or move on.

6. Your partner is never at home, and always has a convenient excuse.

It may seem like your significant other is constantly working or out with their friends. Its important to realize that everybody needs a certain amount of space to live their own life. However, it may be starting to feel like sometimes they scramble for an excuse not to spend time with you. If you can’t remember the last time they tried to make plans with you instead of weaseling out of them, it’s time to talk.

7. You are no longer a part of their life or the plans they make.

Does it seem like they’re including everyone except for you? The word partner means that you are sharing a life together, not them living their life without you. Things used to be so much brighter when you were together, and now it feels like you only hear about them having fun when you aren’t around. Does your presence feel like a burden?

8. Your partner’s disrespectful towards you.

This is the most obvious sign that there’s just not enough love anymore. Losing respect is just the beginning, soon they will start belittling you and trying to make you feel worthless. There is nothing worse than feeling like the person you care the most about no longer respects you, and while it may make you work harder to earn it back, this is very often a gateway into a toxic relationship.

9. Your partner doesn’t bother to give you explanations anymore.

While an obviously fabricated excuse may feel like a bit of a punch in the stomach, being deprived of one all together is just as bad. Instead of making up something to tell you, they no longer even bother trying. They let you get angry and calm down, no explanations are needed in their eyes because they do not care enough to give you one.

10. You start resenting yourself because of them.

You get hurt and you start hating yourself because of their distance. You may begin to feel like its your fault for driving them away. If you’ve reached this point, you have probably realized things are no longer what they were. It’s time to take the initiative and end what has become a toxic relationship.


You deserve someone who will stand by you through thick and thin, who will love you despite your mistakes, and pick you up when you fall. You deserve someone who is not just there when it is convenient, but whenever you need them. You deserve the world and if the person you are with isn’t willing to do everything in their power to give it to you, it’s time to move on. Love is a two way street, it requires both partners to work in unison to maintain their beautiful connection.



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