10 Reasons Why Men Fear Deep Women

No matter how many suitors you find to go out on dates with, if you are a woman of intense depth, the dating game can be a tricky one, as once the relationship reaches a certain point, it can no longer continue. While it isn’t a bad thing to be a deep woman, some men just can’t handle it, and these are the reasons why.

1. She Questions Everything

Deep women are often curious, because her mind has no bounds. She will use questions to dig deeper into your past, so that she can understand your present. Unfortunately, many men are not quite ready to answer these questions. Her mind is constantly going, and most of what she thinks about is philosophical or psychological, so for her, personal questions are not off the table. On the contrary, to her they are necessary. Small talk isn’t for her, as the water is too shallow, and her mind needs room to swim.

2. She is Honest

Her honesty is easily mistaken for bluntness. As a woman of depth, she takes pride in integrity, and if she believes in anything with all her heart, it is honesty. Don’t ask a deep woman a question if you are not prepared for the truth, no matter how brash it is.

3. She Knows What She Wants

If she likes you, and wants you, she will immediately let you know. She is comfortable with her needs and she understands exactly what it is she is looking for in a partner. In her mind, dating around is senseless if she feels she has found the one she wants. While her circle is small, it is made up of people that mean everything to her.

4. A Woman of Depth Wants a Deep Relationship

She wants to know you intimately. Your encounters will include hours of conversation surrounding who you are and why. What makes you tick? What has hurt you in the past? What do you believe in? These are the thoughts that keep her mind at work, and that is exactly what makes her happy. As a deep thinker, she is only content by knowing her partner, through and through.

5. She Needs Intimacy

Depth and intimacy work hand in hand for a deep woman. She does is not afraid of giving her all to you, and later getting hurt by doing so. The only way she knows to get close to you, is by jumping in head first, of course only in the deep end!

6. She Can See Right Through You

A deep woman needs her partner to realize that she understands him, and that she can read him. She will not hold back in pointing out exactly how much she can see, and she sees a lot. It isn’t that she wants you to be intimidated, on the contrary she wants you to feel at home with her.

7. She Needs Consistency

Flaky behaviors frustrate a deep woman, because she is trying to discover you. Inconsistent behavior seems fake to her, and even dishonest. Her main objective in your relationship is to achieve intimacy in order to build a deeper connection. She will not waste her time playing games.

8. Her Intensity Has No Bounds

Everything she does, is with passion and intensity. Her emotions, feelings, thoughts, and actions are all carried out with the utmost intensity. Sometimes, this can come off as intimidating, however, she doesn’t mean it to. She only wants to give her all to everything she endeavors to do.

9. She Can Only Love Deeply

In a relationship, a deep woman knows no other path than to love you with all that she has. If she doesn’t feel that this is being reciprocated she will break ties with you, and move on. As her feelings run with intensity, she does not know how to be friends with someone that she has developed deeper feelings for. If she is done, then she is done, and there is usually no turning back.

10. She Won’t Wait for You

If she senses hesitation on your end, then she will eventually move on. She doesn’t want to wait for you to decide whether or not she is the one you want to be with, because she knows who she is. Her emotions and strong and deep, and she will not waste them on just anyone. She wants a special kind of love, but she isn’t afraid to be alone. She won’t settle for anything other than what she wants, remember?

Deeper women are often thought of as intimidating by men. When she stands on her own and takes over the conversation, it can scare those away who don’t think as deeply as she. It can be a never-ending cycle for the deep woman, who is attempting to find her soulmate. However, when she does find the one that sparks her soul, the relationship will most likely be until death do us part because her love is just that bold.


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