10 Signs That You’re An Introvert Soul Stuck In An Extrovert Body

If you’ve often caught yourself preferring the company of the house pet at a social gathering, and felt like a social wallflower anomaly who can’t be categorized, fret no more. If you’re often confused about whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you may just be the best of both. To know if you belong to this peculiar breed, here are a few signs that define you.

1. You’re mostly okay with public speaking, but face-to-face conversations remind you of your awkward adolescent years. And phone conversations require you to do some yoga breathing routine before you dial a number.


2. You have several friends, but only one or two who you’re really close to. And this special one knows you better than you do.


3. You have trouble starting conversations with strangers, but once you hit it off, there’s no stopping you.


4. When you meet someone new, and you do end up hitting it off with them, you talk like you’ve known each other since forever. But after that day, you ghost on them like you never met.


5. You mostly like going out, and being somewhat social. But, you’re secretly relieved when plans get canceled.


6. Even though you have a relatively active social life, your Facebook statuses, or lack thereof, speak otherwise. Your social media profile is a barren desert. You occasionally share opinions or a funny meme, but your personal life is way too personal to be ‘out there’.


7. You have your fair share of secrets that no one knows, and you’ve guarded with your life. But the ones closest to you know them all.


8. Your drunk self and sober self are two different people. The sober one’s an awkward, anxious, and mildly serious human being; the other is a four-year-old on a sugar rush.


9. You’re often the first one to leave the party. There’s only so much human interaction you can handle in one evening.


10. You can’t really figure out if you’re an introvert, extrovert, or just plain weird. Well, you’re just parts of all three at different times.




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