10 Signs You’re an Earth Angel

These people are those who have literally come here to spread and share light as well as bring about positive change to this planet. Earth Angels are called many other things such as lightworkers, we all know you have heard of lightworkers.

These wonderful people are those who have no tolerance for violence, hate, or oppression. They wish to live in harmony and resolve the current issues we are dealing with here on Earth. They are old souls who wish to renew the planet and bring about new life.

When it comes to the modern world these Earth Angels do not fit in all that well, they seem to get along much better with the older folk who spent their share of time working hard and living off of the land. While they know we won’t revert back to fully living off the land they want us to live in peace with the world.

Earth Angels are the most selfless, happy, and intelligent people you will ever come across in this life. They will do whatever it takes to bring clarity to all who encounter them. Are you an Earth Angel? Check for the signs below. Lots of us are likely Earth Angels and don’t even know it!

1. You are not a fan of most modern ideas.

This one goes without saying as I explained it above but it is true to the full extent.

2. You spend a lot of time in nature.

Nature is where you are most comfortable. You value nature and work hard to steer as clear from materialism and greed as you possibly can.

3. You have a strong intuition.

You make decisions for the most point based off of your emotions and intuition rather than logic.

4. You feel called to a greater purpose.

Because you are being called to a greater purpose. You are not programmed like most of the people who live in today’s society. You live by your own rules and follow the path that has been laid out in front of you by your spirit guides.

5. You care for others deeply.

You always want to help those around you through their issues. You are overly empathetic to the people you care about. You would drop everything to help someone in need.

6. You love to spend time alone.

Spending time alone allows you to recharge yourself and rebalance your energies. You become overwhelmed easily so spending time alone is essential.

7. You are highly sensitive.

You are affected strongly by anything negative that happens. This is why you have to avoid most bad ‘news.’ You hide away to yourself as a means of protecting yourself from the world around you.

8. You are easy to talk to.

People come to you with their problems, even if they aren’t close to you they still feel like talking to you is the right things to do.

9. You keep few people close.

It is hard for you to truly open up to others even though it is easy for them to open up to you. There are only a few people you really trust.

10. You are driven.

You will not give up on this world. You will do everything in your power to make a difference and nothing can stop you from trying.


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