10 Traits Highly Empathic People Share

… and how, if you are one, you can look out for yourself.

For an empath, both feeling and absorbing other individual’s emotions is simply what we do. We recognize the world around us by intuition, so we know what others are feeling…and that can be tremendously overwhelming.

This is additionally complicated because we do recognize and interact with the world around us by intuition, so it can be hard for us to intellectualize those emotions.

As a result, it can be easy for empaths to be overwhelmed by their feelings, and the feelings of those around them, as a highly sensitive individual. And that can lead to consequences, consequences such as chronic fatigue, depression, drug binges, food issues, panic attacks, even sexual repercussions.

But there’s hope for empaths: We can learn how to center and balance ourselves so that we’re less likely to be overloaded by the emotions around us.


Consider The Following Top Ten Traits Of Empaths:


High emotional sensitivity

Empaths are natural nurturers, givers, and listeners, because they are so completely open. Of course, the trade off here is that they are also easily hurt, and as a result told they’re “too sensitive” or need to “toughen up.”

Emotional absorbency

Because empaths are so finely tuned into the emotional landscape around them, it’s easy for them to pick up and even absorb other’s feelings. This means that if you’re surrounded by negativity or anger, you’re likely to pick that up, which can be tremendously tiring. On the flip side, though, if you surround yourself with love and support, you’re likely able to offer the same.


Because empaths are so highly attuned to the emotions around them, crowds can be overwhelming. As a result, you may tend toward introversion.


Empaths have learned to listen to their gut, their intuition, as a result of their emotional sensitivity. They can naturally know when someone is an energy vampire or downer by doing so.

Need for alone time

Because empaths are so acutely aware of emotions around them, they may need additional down time to process and recharge. This may be as simple as needing to take their own vehicle places, so they can leave on their own terms and timeline, or may be as drastic as needing to disappear on a backpacking trip every so often, but empaths need and treasure their alone time.

Intimacy can be overwhelming

True intimacy can be a maze of complicated emotions, which can be difficult for someone as sensitive as an empath.

Energy vampires may target you

Because empaths are so sensitive, they make easy targets for energy vampires, who use fear, rage, and other negative emotions to drain you, emotionally, mentally, and physically. This is especially true of narcissists.

Nature is restorative

As an empath, everyday life can be too busy and hectic for you sometimes. Fortunately, being out in nature can help reset your balance, as you can take refuge in green wild spaces, clean mountain air, or open water, for instance.

You’re not just emotionally sensitive

For many empaths, it isn’t just their emotions that are highly tuned—excessive talking, smells, or noise can also be draining and nerve wracking.

Giving can be a downfall

Because of your great big heart, you naturally want to help ease other’s suffering…but in doing so, sometimes end up taking on that suffering, so that you’re the one that feels upset or drained afterward, even though you felt fine before.


All of these sensitives can be a great gift for you as an empath, but can also be difficult to manage if you aren’t aware and openly protecting yourself. Some strategies that may help include boundary setting, meditation, strict sense of time management, and regular nature opportunities.

As an empath, you’re special—but it’s just as important that you protect yourself as that you help others, perhaps more so, because if you haven’t taken care of yourself, you won’t be able to help others.


*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.


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