11 Important Dream Symbols You Should Always Pay Attention To

For 90 minutes to two hours or more each night, every single person on this planet dreams. Sometimes a straight forward meaning, but dreams don’t always tell a simple story; interpreting dream symbols is an effective way to translate what out unconscious mind is relaying to us.

Every dream is a story about the dreamer and is often times teaching us a lesson or showing us about what we are and why we are here and doing what we are doing. When you are interpreting your dreams it is important for you to work with your own meanings of symbols, places and people before reaching for a dictionary of dream meanings.

This subjective inner reality is no less real that our objective outer reality, in that, our inner and outer worlds are both coherent and directly affect one another. You could possibly say that we live in two worlds and by paying close attention to our dream symbols, we gain insights and the direct guidance from our unconscious mind as it is a psychological fact that out unconscious knows first.

  1. Death

Death is one that everyone is afraid of, I am sure you have heard that saying if you die in your dream you are destined to die soon in real life. In reality, death means change. It means the end of something maybe an idea, relationship, habit, etc. and on to something else. Death is nothing more than a transition because physical life, by nature, is a temporary existence for the soul. Death is a change from one state of being to another.

  1. Falling

Falling is another very common dream. Falling is basically just waking back up, the action of returning to consciousness. The old wives tale that if you fall in your dream and hit the ground, IS NOT TRUE.

If you fall in your dream you will bounce back and the dream will continue, falling at this point would have the meaning of “falling from grace” or “fall on your face” perhaps from embarrassment or other means.

  1. Phone Ringing

A phone ringing indicates an aspect of your personality that is finally getting through to you. Something in your life needs attention and you are becoming more insightful in terms of realizing what this is. A situation may be clearer to you now than it was before. If the phone goes unanswered it represents aspects of your life that you are choosing to ignore and refuse to see.

  1. Killing

Killing indicates change, killing yourself indicates a part of yourself and is a good thing when it is an undesirable trait, but a warning if the trait is a good quality. The killing of an animal is the killing of a habit that animal or its qualities may represent you. Killing can also be viewed as an expression, such as the death of a relationship or job.

  1. Marriage

Marriage symbolizes commitment between the conscious and subconscious minds for fulfillment of a desire. It symbolizes a new beginning or something you are “married” to until you “divorce” yourself from it by taking positive action.

  1. Water

Water is directly associated to your emotions and reflects your current emotional state. If you are repressing your emotions in your waking life or if your emotions are out of control and running the show, water will manifest in your dreams. It is crucial to analyze the state of the water to find the deeper meaning.

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors in dreams reflect our inner qualities both how others perceive us and how we see ourselves. If the mirror is foggy or clouded, however, that means we are not seeing things accurately and need to figure out why. Shattering a mirror is allegedly bad luck in real life, but in the dream world, it represents breaking away the inner self.

  1. Paralysis

Unknown to most people, the body is actually encountering a form of paralysis during dreaming, which prevents it from physically performing the actions occurring in their dreams, therefore dreaming about paralysis frequently represents the overlap between the REM stage and waking stage of sleep. Dreaming about paralysis can also indicate that the dreamer feels he or she lacks control in their waking life.

  1. Sex

Dreams of sex typically represent a desire for closeness or intimacy. It can also represent a desire to gain power over others. To dream of having sex with your partner denotes stability, affection, harmony, teamwork, fulfillment, and adoration for that person.

  1. Ladder

Dreaming of a ladder generally indicates good luck. If you are climbing up a ladder, you are in a favorable position of advancement spiritually or material wise and you have done the necessary work to achieve what goals you are seeking to attain. However, if you fall off a ladder this indicates your efforts will be all for nothing. If you dream of a ladder breaking it indicates that troubles are coming your way.

  1. People

All people represent aspects or personality of the self. These are characters in the dream parts of you, some you don’t know. Some are people you don’t like and some people you love. The successful businessman, the glamour girl, the bag lady, the playboy, the thief, the idiot, the comic, friends, relatives are all parts of our inner self.

We are made up of many different people. As in Shakespeare’s words, “All the world’s a stage and we are merely the players.”


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