11 Subtle Warnings Someone in Your Life Is Evil

While most people tend to be good and caring individuals, the sad reality is that there are a few out there, who are less than good. Infact, you’ll find a dangerous mix of intelligence, narcissism and apathy in some individuals- these people have their own motives, and often, at the expense of innocent individuals around them.

These individuals may seem like good and friendly people in the beginning, but their true character eventually becomes known. Sadly, it is not always noticed until it is too late, which is why, it is important to be aware of the signs so that you can understand if someone in your life is actually a good person, or do they have malicious intentions.

Here are the 11 signs that point out to how a specific person may be evil, so that you can take steps to remove them out of your life completely.

1. They like to deny reality

These people tend to live in denial. They usually don’t look at reality like the rest of us, and they are just not able to recognize the truth.

2. They twist the facts

These people also tend to twist the facts around a given situation- it is what they do best. They use this manipulative trick to twist the truth into something that favors them, or harms the people around them.

3. They withhold information

These individuals often tend to lie or just withhold information in order to get control of a situation. Their intentions often tend to compromise the integrity of others, and they use people for their own benefit.

4. They mislead people

These people tend to twist the facts, and make you believe in the opposite of the reality, just to manipulate you. If the situation is bad, they will try to make it worse for you.

5. The do whatever they want with no regard for who it impacts

These evil individuals tend to dominate others or anyone who step on their life. They have no regard for collateral damage, and do not care at all about anyone who suffers due to their actions.

6. They lie a lot

These individuals tend to lie a lot- infact so much that they can be classified as pathological liars. They use their lies to fool those around them- it just like a game for them. The more that they lie, the more pleasure they experience.

7. They refuse to take responsibility for their actions

These individuals do not take any responsibility whatsoever for their actions- it is just not in their moral code. Instead of being a responsible person, they always find a way to blame others for their own mistakes, and they never apologize too.

8. They are manipulators

These people are master manipulators. You are never a priority for them- you’re merely an obstruction to their goals.

9. They are just-weather friends

These people are just seasonal friends- they do not have any respect for loyal and real friends. Infact, when things are great, they’ll be with you, but when a situation goes wrong, they just disappear.

10. They are control freaks

These people are narcissists and control freaks. They are so arrogant that they feel like they have to have control over themselves and even those around them. Infact they also feed their superiority by making others feel inferior and unimportant.

11. They lead double lives

These people lie and mislead others, and for them, it is a common trait. They very freely lead double lives, and that’s exactly how they mess with you and those around them.


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