12 Reasons Why You Need To Tell Your Best Friend How Much You Love Them, Right Now

Look, we all know your lives wouldn’t be half what they are without our best friend. But how often do we tell them, really, how much we love them?

Here are some of the best reasons you should tell them how much you love them, right now. (No, really, pick up the phone. They need to know how much they mean to you.)


Because their love is unconditional. When you’ve been a complete ass, they’re there for you. When you’re a mess, they’re there for you. When you need someone to hold your hair, they’re there for you.

Because their honesty is brutal. Even when the truth hurts, they’ll give it to you. They’re not afraid to tell you you’re being an ass, and because they know you so well, you mostly know to listen.

Because you can talk about anything. No, really, there’s not a topic under the sun (or moon) you two can’t talk about, because they know you better than anyone else, and they’d say the same about you.

Because they make you a better person. They never stop goading you to be your best possible self, but they do so with laughter and kindness, not pretentious sanctimony.

Because they never stop supporting you. They know your dreams, and they’re going to help you get there.

Because they know when to get you help, even if you don’t realize you need help. They’ll call your parents, or your other friends, or your partner, if they think doing so is what’s best for you. They’re always looking out for you, even when you don’t think you need it.

Because you can tell them anything. Including those secrets and dreams you have a hard time admitting to yourself.

Because no one else has inside jokes like you do. You’ve been there for each other through thick and thin, and the one constant has been being able to laugh about it, with each other, later.

Because they don’t judge you. Even when they’re goading you to do better, there’s no judgment—only love.

Because they always want to know how you are, and they aren’t being polite. They really want to know. And they know when you’re lying.

Because they’re the person you want to talk to when you need to talk about something, or think something through, or just want to hear someone’s voice.

Because they’re always looking out for you, even when you aren’t. They won’t tell you when you’re about to do something stupid, because they don’t need to—a single look will suffice.

If you can’t imagine life without your best friend, you need to let them know—because you wouldn’t be you without them. So call them…now!


*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.


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