10 Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Trying To Contact You

Whenever certain unexplainable things would happen around me, I would go about thinking that it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

Just the last morning, I was downstairs in the living room, sitting, when I heard a loud crash upstairs. I thought it was my roommate who had broken something, but it turns out, he had not.

He yelled down for me to come upstairs and check what happened. I rushed up to find one of the glass bathroom light coverings shattered over the sink and floor.

My roommate was in bed at that time and there’s absolutely no way it could have happened on its own- someone physically just had to take the light covering out of the slot and then dropped it.

After that incident, strange things have been happening around the house at different times throughout the day, but not all of them really scare me.

Maybe it is just a spirit who is wandering or one of my own who is trying to reach out to me.

Spirits contact the living for different reasons. It can be hard to lose someone you are close with. We have all lost someone- it is one of the harsh realities of life.

Even though they are physically gone they can still be near us from time to time. Here are some possible signs a deceased relative is still trying to contact you or is with you or near you.

1. You smell them

When a deceased loved person is near you, their presence can be felt in a number of ways, and among the most common ones is scent. It could be the smell of tobacco or perfume or even just their favorite food.

If you’ve experienced that, appreciate it. Your deceased love one is probably near you, watching over you.

2. Your senses are extra sensitive

Spirits tend to stimulate the senses when they communicate. You may smell a scent that is familiar to you, or something that your loved one used to wear. You may even hear faint traces of their voice speaking to you.

Or maybe there may be a sudden drop in the temperature of the room, or you’ll feel someone rubbing up against you.

Sometimes, you may even get a taste in the mouth from a dish that they used to make. A spirit may use all these ways to reach out to you.

3. Seashells

Sometimes, even if you’re far away from the ocean, you’ll find seashells. This may sound random, but it is believed that seashells are a sign that your loved ones are offering gifts to you.

4. They appear in your dreams

This is one of the most common ways in which spirits interact with humans. Since our subconscious minds are more open to the spirit world, we can allow them in while we sleep in our dreams.

Dreams that involve spirits can be incredibly realistic and not dreamlike. Try to pay close attention to what they might mean, because it could be a message from beyond the grave.

5. Electronics stop working, or they all start working at once

Electronics are among the most common mediums that spirits use to communicate with humans. If you keep a radio in the room, they could attempt to speak and communicate through a specific frequency.

It is important to remember that spirits are not here to hurt you. You may be scared and frightened at what’s happening, but remember that they’re just trying to reach out to you from the other side.

6. Pennies

It is said that if you find lots of pennies, it means that your loved ones are watching over you. However, this one’s also taken off as a superstition.

7. Your items go missing

You may feel like you’re getting absent-minded when you find that items have been moved from the place you left them, but it could be a dead relative or friend that could be playing a joke on you.

It may sound silly but just because they’re dead it doesn’t mean they have lost their desire to screw with you. Just laugh it off!

8. You just know that they’re nearby

Sometimes you just get strange feelings that you are not alone anymore. It is something you can’t actually describe but you feel different about your surroundings suddenly.

It could be a sign that someone is close to you, or in the same room as you. You can feel a comforting and loyal presence.

9. Music

One thing that I noticed after my grandma passed away that suddenly all of her favorite music kept appearing in front of me. I’d put on my favorite music and out of the blue, her favorite song would just come on.

I would switch on the public radio station, and there it would come on again!

10. Unusual thoughts

You may be experiencing thoughts that you don’t feel are your own- as if your internal voice is being influenced by someone else. If you feel so, it could be a sign that your loved ones are still with you.

11. Numbers

When my father passed away, I was completely shaken. It took me a while to recover from that loss and resume with my normal day to day life. Then I started to notice- his birthday, 7.22 came up every time I looked at my watch.

It would also come up every time I looked at the clock, or a random YouTube video that I would watch would be 7.22 minutes long.

12. Signs at the funeral

A renowned psychic James Van Praagh claims that spirits attend their own funerals. They roam around the room and try to comfort their loved ones and give them signs that everything is okay.

A lot of times, people get so absorbed in their grief that these things go unseen.


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