12 Signs Your Personality Is Likely Intimidating Others

We live in a world where first impressions are everything to people. However, sometimes people will judge us before they even learn our names. In this judgemental world we live in, it’s important to be aware of how you may come across to others.

That being said, being aware does not mean being ruled by persona we try to project, we are our own selves, not what others see us as.

Intimidating people are often viewed as overly abrasive or even sometimes rude. This can make it rather difficult for people to get to know the sensitive, kind person behind the seemingly rough exterior. While this can sometimes cause problems, intimidating people are usually the most caring and attentive of anyone, once you get to know them for who they truly are.

Here are the most common traits of an intimidating personality type.

Complaint averse:

If there’s anything you can’t stand, or that drives you crazy, it’s people who just complain rather than find solutions – and you’re not afraid to tell them how you feel about that.


1) Honest:

Your word is good, and when you say you’re going to do something, you do it.


2) Intolerant of willful ignorance:

You understand that being open-minded doesn’t mean you have to listen to people who are intentional ignorant and judgmental – and when confronted with those sorts of people, you either walk away or let them know how you feel about their idiocy.


3) Kindness:

People don’t see it, but you’re kind to those who need it and are important to you. Those who know you know you’re a lover, not a fighter – it’s just such a bummer so few people take the time to see who you really are.


4) Meaningful conversationalist:

You don’t do small talk – you know the value of silence, and if you’re going to have a conversation, you want to make sure it’s about something meaningful. As a result, you develop deep friendships – and don’t care for those superficial people who would rather make small talk.


5) Open-minded:

You’re always willing to try something new, and are open to new ideas.


6) Problem-solver:

You don’t make excuses when there’s a problem – you just find a solution and get it done.

7) Straight shooter:

You speak your mind, and refuse to lie. You tell it like it is – and that scares some people.


8) Strong-willed:

No matter what needs to be done, you focus on doing it, and will put the extra work in to do so.

9) Wise:

Because you’re open-minded and a problem-solver, you think things through far more clearly than most people – which also means you’re wise beyond your years.



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