13 Deeply Intimate Things To Do Besides Sex

When we prepare for intimacy with our significant other, typically we set it in our mind that it is time for something sexual. While sex is an act of intimacy, deeply intimate moments are achieved by building strong connections with your partner, and in the end, you will achieve an even greater sex life by building true intimacy with these simple acts.

1. Spend Time Cuddling

Instead of stripping down and starting your typical fourplay routine, put on some music, or start a favorite movie, and get comfy with one another. Entwine your bodies into a position that feels natural and intimate. Get lost in each others warmth and your bodies natural rhythms. Moments like this create an intimate tie between you and your partner deeper than you would imagine, and it is quite relaxing to boot.

2. Talk About What Is Really Important

Instead of the typical small talk you usually share, spend some time delving into topics that truly mean something to you. Start a deep conversation every now and then, and share back and forth what you each believe in, hope for, and secretly fear. Talk about your relationship and how to improve it in a positive way. Conversations like this will build the foundation of your relationship.

3. Offer to Help Your Partner With Something

Providing your partner with your time and effort is sexier than any one act you could ever participate in. Not only are you both working together to move towards achieving something as one, but you are also saying that you are willing to put your own tasks on the back burner to help the one you love. And vise verse. And it doesn’t have to be a big task, something as simple as mutually cooking dinner, or building a bookshelf can move mountains in your love life.

4. Play Truth or Dare

Indulge your inner child, and start up a game of truth or dare. And don’t be afraid to be risky, as you are attempting to achieve intimacy, however, do not turn it into something that is no longer fun. Keep it intimate, yet risky in a way that works to enhance your connection to your partner, and if you play the game right, the game might progress into something a bit more primitive.

5. Try Something New Together

Trying something new places you both in a vulnerable spot, and on even ground. Neither of you have any true experience and you can help each other to master your new endeavor. By experiencing something new together, you are building a history with one another, and what could be more intimate?

6. Focus On Just Making Out

Begin kissing, and slowly with your mouths only, explore each others mouths. Use your tongue, and your lips, and focus on loving them in the true sense of the word. Kiss without expecting to move onto anything sexual, and make it an act of love.

7. Sleep Together

And by sleep, just sleep. Snuggle into one another and catch up on some zzzs. The simple act of inviting someone else into your normal routine and inviting them to just sleep with you can be magical.

8. Share Your Fantasies

What gets you going when you are by yourself? What have you ever thought about trying, but were too afraid to share with another person. Maybe you like a little biting, or have thought of being blindfolded? Well tell your partner. Go back and forth sharing your thoughts and fantasies, and before you know it, you could actually turn your fantasies into actions.

9. Massage One Another

Grab a bottle of soothing lotion, or a calming essential oil. Slowly massage the tension out of your partners back, arms, shoulders, calves, and even feet. This simple act says that the other person means something to you, and oftentimes it leads to an opening for a moment of sharing in the relieving of each others bodily stresses.

10. Dance To Your Favorite Songs

Turn on one of your favorite songs, and without inhibition have fun and dance. Within moments, you will lose all worry of looking silly, and you will begin having the time of your life. Laughing together, sharing the music that makes you happy, and simply having fun with one another is an amazing way to pass the time, and relieve the stress of a shitty day.

11. Play Games

Playing games together can be an amazing way to bond, however, if one of you is too competitive it may be best to skip this one. Otherwise, grab a few of your favorite games, and organize a game night. Make it interesting, and gamble for rewards with one another, but leave the video games out. Trivia games are perfect, as they promote conversation, and provide a learning opportunity.

12. Share and Embarrassing Secret

Open up, and lose your inhibitions about the moments that have been oh so embarrassing in the past. Once you start sharing, you will realize that laughing together at yourselves is an act of intimacy that is completely worth it! After he sees your fearless sharing, he is likely to share his own moments, and before you know it, embarrassing moments will be pouring out onto the table in no time.

13. Share Each Other’s Favorite Hobby

Although it is highly unlikely that you will share all of your hobbies with your partner, it can be fun to learn about the hobby your partner holds close to their heart. Try at least one of each others hobbies, and put your all into it. You don’t have to love it, or even become obsessed, just be willing to learn and listen to what they say and do concerning this act.

By better understanding their hobbies, you might be surprise about what you learn about your partner. And on top of that, the happiness that you will see generating from your loved one while they are in the midst of their favorite past time will be beyond worth it!

Love and intimacy are not merely the act of sex and sex alone. Many simple and easy acts can bring about intimacy in a way you never imagined possible, and by achieving simple steps together, you can work towards a form of intimacy that you didn’t even know existed. Try any one of these today, and you will understand how wonderful intimacy can be.



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