13 Incredible Things That Happen When Adding Warm Lemon Water to Your Morning Routine

What drain is inexpensive to make, great for your skin, and helps to burn fat? No, it is not some magic elixir sold on late night television, it is lemon water!

Lemons are loaded with healthy benefits, and particularly, they are a great source of vitamins, minerals and vital trace elements. It quenches your thirst better than any other drink, and it is also a wonderful energy booster for when you wake up first thing in the morning. Believe me, if you switch out your morning coffee for a glass of warm water with lemon your adrenal glands will thank you!

  1. Lemons are antiseptic and have a powerful cleansing effect on your liver, kidneys, and blood. Overworked organs especially the liver have an influence on how good you feel so having a simple way to cleanse it each morning can make a big difference on your energy levels and how you feel!
  2. The High mineral content in lemons make them highly alkalizing to the body, despite their citric acid. It is not the acid content of the food outside the body that determines whether it will have an acid or alkaline effect, but rather the way it is metabolized during digestion that counts.
  3. It boosts the immune system. Lemons are high in Vitamin C and potassium. Vitamin C is great for fighting colds and potassium stimulates brain and nerve function that helps to control blood pressure.
  4. Warm lemon water in the morning helps with weight loss. It has been linked to weight loss because of the alkaline properties, people who maintain a more alkaline friendly diet tend to lose weight faster. Also, if you start off the day making healthy choice, you are more than likely to make better choices throughout the day.
  5. Helps to clear the skin. The mayo clinic reports vitamin C may improve the appearance of wrinkled skin, lemon water purges toxins from the blood which helps to clear the skin as well.
  6. Lemon water is an excellent source of potassium, potassium is good for heart health, brain function, and nerve function.
  7. It is good for digestive health. Like we learned earlier in the article lemon juice encourages healthy digestion by loosening toxins in your digestive tract, it helps to relieve symptoms of indigestion as well such as burping, heartburn, and bloating.
  8. Reduces inflammation. If you drink lemon water on a regular basis, it will decrease the acidity in your body, which is where disease states occur. It removes uric acid in your joints, which is one of the main causes of inflammation.
  9. Helps fight viral infections. Warm lemon water is the most effective way to diminish viral infections and their subsequent sore throats. Plus, with the lemon juice also boosting your immune system, you’ll simultaneously fight off the infection completely.
  10. Stimulates increased liver function, it will help your liver produce more enzymes! Lemon water also aids your liver in helping it release toxins.
  11. Fights respiratory infections, lemon water can help you battle everything from a sore throat to tonsil inflammation!
  12. Reduces anxiety and depression, lemon water is high in potassium, depression and anxiety are often linked to not having enough potassium in your blood.
  13. Dissolve Kidney stones, if kidney stones are a concern for you, drinking lemon water can help dissolve not only those but gallstones, pancreatic stones and calcium deposits.

Possible Side Effects

While lemon water is one of the safest drinks there is, the acids in the lemon can eat away at your tooth enamel. To prevent this, drink lemon water before brushing your teeth, the overnight bacteria will protect your teeth a bit. Drink from a straw and rinse with baking soda to neutralize any acid that might be left on your teeth.


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