13 Photos That Will Change The Way You Look At Photography Forever

Behind every great picture is a creative and Skilled photographer, but often times people don’t realize the lengths some photographers will go to in order to get the perfect shot. In today’s age, where digital manipulation plays such a huge role, often times the initial photo isn’t even all that important. Yet it can still take some creative placement in order to turn a mundane landscape into a truly aw inspiring piece of art. These images demonstrate exactly how far some photographers will go, and will open your eyes to the somewhat less glamorous side of pictures you may have taken for granted in the past.





Alexander Yakovlev , Alexander Yakovlev




Corinna Gissemann Photography


Michael Paul Smith


Rơm Celano , Rơm Celano


Adrian Intac Digital Photography



Nino Quý


viviannemontalvao , Valderes Sarnaglia


BiKip SongAo


Felix Hernandez Rodriguez


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