13 Reasons to Adore Being a Woman

When I was younger, I was convinced girls had the short end of the stick. I thought boys had it sooooo easy, and for a while wished I was one. Womanhood has gotten a bad rap over the years… from Eve being a sinner, to women are too emotional to be president, to God is a man, to periods are a burden, to its unsafe to be by yourself at night. It’s clearly time to flip the switch on how we view our ladyhood.

Here are just some of the reasons why I LOVE the gift of being a woman, and why wouldn’t trade it for anything:

(Disclaimer: I completely acknowledge that everyone is different, and that each person has their own expression and experience of being a woman or man. Some women have the following qualities, while other women do not. Some men have these qualities, and some do not. Some people are transgender and have some!  Take it all with a grain of salt, yall.)


1.We Create Life!!!

This one counts for about a hundred reasons in one. The magical womb of woman is the reason we all exist. If it weren’t for the tiny organ measuring about 5 by 7 cm (about the size of a small pear), you wouldn’t be alive in this human suit.

Although small, the uterus in the strongest muscle in the body, having multiple layers of muscle tissue that run in every direction, spiral together, and are super-strong.  These muscles contract to send blood to an orgasmic clitoris, to guide the sperm into the uterus and when pushing the baby out of the canal during birth.

Only some of us will experience the miracle of Motherhood, but all of us carry the power of creation within our womb-space or sacreal chakra (yep, even guys). Our second chakra is our creative center, and is where our most potent live-giving, life-force resides. We can utilize its potency for anything we wish to create.

To connect with this creative energy to create something you want, imagine planting a seed with a dream of yours inside your womb. With your breathe, breathe life into it.  Imagine the seed absorbing nutrients form your fertile womb, and imagine nourishing it with water, sun and gratitude… then watch it grow.  Listen for new inspirations and guidance on steps to take toward your dream.



2.We are Connected to the Moon.

As the moon governs the tides of the sea, it also guides the tides of the womb.  The moon also effects the cycles of our energy levels and emotions. The menstrual cycle coincides with the 28 day cycle of the Moon and in many parts of the world, women still refer to their menstrual cycle as being their “moon time”.

Because of this, it’s not surprising to find that all early calendars were based on this direct correlation between the cycles of menstruation and the phases of the Moon. In many languages, the words for  moon, measurement, month and menstruation, have either similar meanings or root words. In Gaelic for example, the words for “menstruation” and “calendar” are the same. In the past each month was measured from one New Moon to the next, giving 13 New Moons for each year. Because of this, all early calendars had thirteen months in the year.

It is said that the moon is pure feminine energy.  She calls us to feel with our hearts and our wombs rather than think with our heads, as we usually do. Because of their mysterious association with the powers of the Moon, women were quite naturally seen to be the leaders of the tribe, or social structure. Their bodies were seen in a spiritual context, and thus women became the natural power holders, the initiators of the species.


3. Sisterhood.

Sisterhood is food for the Soul.  Women are emotionally intelligent, caring, and nurturing by nature. When women aren’t buying into the scarcity-based illusion of competition, we relate to one another in deep, rich, and in beautifully supportive ways. We prefer authentic and emotional connections with others, and intuitively know how to support another’s process. When women come together anything is possible because of our strong support system.

If you do not feel as though you have the sisterhood support-system you would like to, become the sister that you yearn for in your life.  Begin to show up for the women around you in a more intimate and authentic way. Share more, listen more, offer to help, reach out to new women you resonate with, or maybe even begin a weekly women’s circle.  Smile at other women as you pass them by, reminding them that they are a part of a greater collective of sisters.  Many women keep to themselves simply out of habit, but when provided an opportunity to connect more deeply, many women are excited at the chance.


4.Women beautify the world.

We aaaaall know women are soft, pretty, and smell good! But women beautify the world in many different ways. We are in tune with our environments and can enhance them with decorative objects, candles, or flowers, planting gardens, or cleansing the space with sage. We bring a sense of art and adornment to our bodies with the ways we apply makeup and choose our outfits that express our mood. Women know how to bring meaning and purpose to occasions, whether it’s wrapping a present in a beautiful way, sending a card to a loved one going that is going through a tough time, bringing the family together with a cooked meal, setting out a vase of flowers, or throwing a birthday or holiday celebration. Women have a special way of bringing warmth and meaning to any occasion.

If you would like to create more beauty in your life, try beautifying your environment or adorning your body and see if it enhances your feminine connection to yourself.


5. We are receivers.

We are inherent receivers in a multitude ways. Our bodies exemplify our receptivity through our physical anatomy, as the vagina is designed as a receptacle, meanwhile male anatomy protrudes to give the seed. When we are open and connected, we receive information from the Universe, from other people, and from ourselves (via our intuition or ‘6th sense’). Women traditionally were the seers, the oracles, the wisdom keepers, and the healers.  We sense others feelings, take in details about our environment, have intuitive inner knowings. In traditional male-female roles, men are the givers and providers, while women receive the gifts, and the support.

Men are also intuitive, although society has conditioned men (and women) to not listen to this sense, and overemphasize logic, planning, and thinking.  Luckily more  and more men and women are awakening to their intuitive super-powers, and allowing this to guide their day to day decisions.

Are you allowing yourself to receive your inner wisdom? To receive abundance? Joy? Love? Pleasure?  If not, see if you can widen your capacity to receive all the goodness the world is waiting to give to you.


6. Women want to help others.

We are lovers! We love to hug, to nurture, and to make people feel safe and welcome. In the wonderful client applications I receive from women all over the world, the common longing they all have is to be of service. This is such a beautiful and admirable quality, as  women lead with their hearts. The female body also shows this, in the way our breasts protrude from the heart chakra. (Meanwhile the male penis protrudes from the root chakra. This visually illustrates how men can instinctively be more inclined to be sex-driven to carry on the species, while women are more love-driven to nurture the children and family.)


7.We are Cuuuuuuurvy-licious!

The lusciousness of woman comes in all shapes and sizes and her beauty is a gift to the world.  Not only that, but how amazing is it that our lady parts aren’t just eye candy, but they are also designed to create and nurture life. Breasts aren’t just amazing because they are soft and beautiful, they feed and nurture babies!  Our curvaceous hips hold infants, and our vaginas are gateways to pleasure and motherhood.  We got the Mother-load of bodily blessings 🙂


8. Multiple Orgasms

Men also have the ability to have multiple orgasms once they have cultivated the flow of their kundalini…but we ladies get the free VIP pass.

We are able to have clitoral, vaginal, or blended orgasms… sometimes even full body. We are all naturally orgasmic, although many women have some sexual layers to heal before being able to have multiple orgasms naturally.

Key elements to having multiple orgasms are; trust and safety with your partner, knowing your  body, and healing past wounding.  It’s well worth the work!


9. Soft and Strong Power

Like the Mama Bear we are soft and nurturing but we also mean business when it comes to the things that are important to us.  No one wants to mess with a baby cub when it’s Mama’s around.

It isn’t our nature to fight or be competitive, yet we hold a great power within our wise and powerful presence.  There is so much positive change that can come from empowered action, and clear communication.  We choose how we utilize or not utilize this powerful force, and it can manifest itself in healthy or unhealthy ways.  There is a difference between lashing out from a triggered emotion that stems from an old wound, and taking an empowered stand for what is right.  A woman that knows what she believes in,  what she deserves, and is empowered enough to take a healthy stand for it, is an unstoppable force.


10.We a part of a revolution

We are amidst a powerful time in history as we are writing a new definitions of womanhood.  All over the world women are awakening to their worth, their power, and standing up for their rights.  Together we are reclaiming our role in leadership… and guess what? YOU are a part of it.  Leadership has many forms!  It doesn’t just look like going into politics and landing a seat in senate, or running for the first female president.  It looks like standing up for what you believe in, starting a business, beginning a meet-up group, volunteering for a cause, speaking your truth, healing limiting patterns, and more.  When women come together and claim what we believe in, we are unstoppable.  Go team lady Queens 🙂

11. Great communication skills.

Women can articulate themselves well, and are highly emotionally intelligent.  We value resolution and understanding and can easily strategize common understanding.  We can sense where other people are at, and use this skill to navigate social situations like a pro.


12. We are Multitasking Super-Sheros.

Theres no doubt about it, women know how to get stuff done! After scanning the brains of hundreds of men and women, It has been scientifically concluded that women’s brains are more wired to multi-task because their brain activity crosses both parts of the brain and are able to switch back and forth between tasks easier and faster.  Men are more easily able to focus on a single complex task, both are pluses, but I really enjoy the fun and variety of my multi-tasking superpowers.  Whats my favorite?  Dancing, cleaning, and coming up with new writing ideas! Or exercising, chatting on the phone and

13. Men.

Men are amazing, and we get to appreciate the ways in which they compliment our femininity.  When we are around a masculine presence that makes us notice our femininity more We get to experience the yin-yang balance of our counterparts.  Sure we can enjoy feeling feminine while we are alone, but theres nothing like being with a man that really knows how to make you feel like a woman.  This also happens in hay relationships when one person takes on a more masculine role, as the other takes on a feminine role, and sometimes they switch.  I am a very independent person, I’ve moved 4 places by myself with nothing but a suitcase, so by noo means do I need a man… and I reeeeeally enjoy my femininity in all scenarios…. but damn! There is something so yummy about a man being a man, and opening a door, fixing something for me, or taking me on a wild adventure.  Props to all the gifts in the masculine and feminine within both genders.




 Enjoy this spoken word piece about the

boundlessness of Woman:


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