15 Things Men Do When They’re Truly in Love

You can tell when a man is truly in love. Most of the time it is written all over his face.

Sure, men aren’t the best at expressing their emotions in words but their actions speak much more than words would anyway. Most of us prefer action over words as it is, I know that to be especially true for myself. When we are in true love it is like nothing else.

If you are for some reason questioning the motives of the special guy in your life look for the following signs to see whether or not he’s really feeling the way you think he is:

1. He respects you.

He lets you make your own decisions and does not try to sway you to think the way that he does when you feel strongly about something.

2. He loves you for who you are.

He knows you are beautiful both on the inside and the outside. He knows you have flaws and sees nothing wrong with them.

3. When you hurt he hurts.

He feels your pain. Whether it is physical or emotional if you are unhappy then so is he. This is because when something happens to you he feels like he has failed at protecting you.

4. He misses you when you aren’t around.

Whether you are apart for just a few hours or a few days he still gets excited to see you. He misses you no matter how long you are apart.

5. He thinks about you all the time.

You are always on his mind. He is always planning cute things for you or checking to make sure you are okay. Yes, he will give you space if you need it but he really just wants to be with you all the time.

6. He loves you enough to let go.

He has no problem when it comes to you going out with your friends because he is secure in his love for you and your love for him. He knows you won’t do anything stupid because he wouldn’t do anything like that to you.

7. He trusts you.

He believes you above all else. If you say something he does not question it. He has no reason to, you have never given one another reason for distrust.

8. He goes out of his way for you.

No matter what he is in the middle of if you need him he will be there. You could call him in the middle of the night and he’d be right at your door as soon as he could.

9.  He remembers things.

Your favorite movie, favorite color, favorite food, all of these things are forever etched into his mind. He remembers because to him every little thing about you is important.

10. He listens to you.

He will stop whatever he is doing to hear what you have to say. If you need to talk to him, it comes before anything else.

11. He protects you.

He will always do whatever he can to protect you.

12. He is your biggest cheerleader.

He will always cheer you on in everything you do.

13. He steps up.

No matter how tough things are he is always manning up and taking action. He will not pass his responsibilities off on others, he takes them on without any doubt in his mind.

14. He talks you up and never down.

No matter who it is he will always speak highly of you. Even on those days where you may be fighting, you are still the light of his life.

15. He stands up for you.

No one, not even his own mother is allowed to talk negatively about you in his presence. He is quick to put others in their place.


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