15 Very Simple Instructions On How To Nurture And Enhance Your Spiritual Awakening

Simply listen to this video and follow up on the instructions listed below with an open mind and an open heart.



  1. Love.

  2. Devotion.

  3. Feeling.

  4. Emotion.

  5. Don’t be afraid to be weak.

  6. Don’t be too proud to be strong.

  7. Just look into your heart my friend; that will be the return to yourself, the return to innocence.

  8. If you want, then start to laugh

  9. If you must, then start to cry

  10. Be yourself don’t hide

  11. Just believe in destiny

  12. Don’t care what people say

  13. Just follow your own way

  14. Don’t give up and use the chance to return to innocence,

  15. That’s not the beginning of the end. That’s the return to yourself, the return to innocence.


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