18 Amazing People With Real Superpowers!

This video highlights 11 people with abnormal, and what some would call super human abilities. After watching this you will wonder about the true limitations of human beings.



12 and 13. The Man & Boy With Magnetic Bodies

human magnet2

Liew Thow Lin of Malaysia is known for his ability to stick a variety of metal objects onto his body and have them stay. Scientists cannot seem to detect anything strange going on magnetically with his body.

Another person was discovered to have the same abilities in more recent years. This time it was a little boy from Brazil named Paulo David Amorim

14. Woman With Super Human Eyesight


Veronica Seider holds the world record for being able to identify small objects at the greatest distance without her naked eye. She is said to have eyesight 20 times better than the average person and can positively identify people from over a mile away.

15. Man Who Can See Music

man who sees music
Arthur Lintgen amazed people with his ability to look at phonograph records and recognize the song on it. He claims by looking at the grooves he is able to detect the song recorded.

16. The Human Calculator

human calculator

At age 5, when other kids were just learning to count to 100, Shakuntala Devi was extracting cube roots in her head. She was born with the natural ability to calculate numbers beyond normal human abilities. Once when she was tested at The University of California Berkeley where Devi was asked to calculate the cube root of 61,629,875, and the seventh root of 170,859,375. Without hesitation she was able to give the correct answer from calculations done solely in her head.

17. The Ultra Marathon Man
Dean Karnazes

Dean Karnazes once ran 350 miles (560 km) in 80 hours and 44 minutes without sleeping in 2005.

18. Man With The Super Human Reflexes

Isao Machii,  Iaido master from Japan, holds many world records for his quick sword skills. Watch the video below to see his attempt at cutting a BB that has been shot at him in half.

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