Your Favorite Disney Characters Illustrated.. Struggling In Modern Times

When you hear of ‘Disney,’ the first images that probably come up in your mind are fairies, princes and princesses and beautiful castles with ‘happily ever after’ endings. Well, things are about to change you guys, because a Mexican artist by the name José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros has taken things up a notch, and his works will probably destroy Disney as you know it.

Rodolfo has his works inclined to pop culture and likes to play around with popular characters and puts them forward in a different way, mostly in dark and touch situations to signify the loss of innocence.

He wants to show the world how the characters that they love so much, would probably be a little different than they’d expect if they were living in the modern times. He touches current issues like drug abuse, cosmetic surgery, harassment, alcohol and the focus on vanity. He makes use of black humor to bring light to these ideas, and if you go through them below, you’ll understand how he’s extremely good at what he does.



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