20 Photos Of Our Night Sky Guaranteed To Take Your Breath Away

If these photo’s don’t revive your child-like sense of wonder, I don’t know what will.

Credit: Mikko Lagerstedt
Credit: Mikko Lagerstedt
Credit: Mikko Lagerstedt
Credit: Mojo2u
Credit: Stefano Vita
Credit: San Marino
Credit: Mikko Lagerstedt.
Credit: Andreas Athan
Credit: Mikko Lagerstedt
couple holding hands under milky way
Credit: Mitja Kobal
Credit: Mikko Lagerstedt.
Credit: Greg Gibbs
Credit: Rick Parchen
Credit: Aaron J. Groen
Credit: Savannah Williams
Credit: Mike Mezeul
Credit: Yunli Song
Credit: Victor Liu
Dust lane halo
Credit: Ben Coffman
Credit: Dominic Kamp

Credit: Mikko Lagerstedt


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