20 Shocking Images That Show the Devastating Impact of Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is already the largest storm ever recorded – and it’s not even close to over yet.
Irma has already destroyed 95 percent of Barbuda, Saint-Martin, and the Virgin Islands. Displacing millions of people, and leaving many homeless with no access to clean water and electricity. On top of that the storm shows no sign of slowing, forcing everyone in its path to brace for devastation or leave behind everything and evacuate to safety.

Below are some heartbreaking photos of the devastation Irma has already wrought, that carry with them a powerful warning: if you are in an area at risk of being affected, heed the warnings of authorities and get to safety before its too late.

#1   Roofs Torn Off Houses And Blown Into The Street Along The Coast Of Saint Martin

#2   Palm Trees Shredded Along The Beach In Saint Martin

#3   Luxury Yachts Destroyed Overnight

#4   Hotel Left In Ruins Following An Impact From Hurricane Irma

#5   Rescuers Inspect An Abandoned Car In Puerto Rico During The Passage Of Hurricane Irma

#6   The Aftermath Of Hurricane Irma On Saint Martin

#7   An Aerial Photo Showing The Damage Of Hurricane Irma On The Princess Juliana International Airport In Sint Maarten

#8   Cars Piled On Top Of One Another After The Passage Of Hurricane Irma

#9   An Electric Company Employee Works To Remove A Tree Downed By Irma

#10   Aftermath In Puerto Rico

#11   A Popular Bar In The British Virgin Islands Before And After The Passage Of Irma

#12   Paraquita Bay Before And After Irma Damage

#13   Beach Plaza Hotel In St Martin

#14   Dolphin Discovery Attraction In The Virgin Islands Before And After Irma

#15   Dogs Seek Shelter From The Rain In The Dominican Republic

#16   Popular Bar In Saint Martin Before And After

#17   Smoke Rises From A Fire Amid The Debris of Damaged Buildings

#18   Woman Inspects Shelves Usually Filled With water In Puerto Rico

#19  People Evacuating Their Chickens

#20   Flooding In Saint Martin


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