20+ Simply Genius Camera Tricks That Will Drastically Improve Your Photography In 2 Minutes

If you’re just starting to get into photography and don’t know where to begin, or you’re an intermediate photographer looking to enhance your skills, you might be looking to purchase some professional photography gear. While new cameras, lenses and accessories can open up new doors and possibilities in the world of photography, they can also cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Most people are not able to afford that kind of financial investment. Fortunately, SOULSpot is here to help. If you’re not afraid to devote some time and resources, then these following DIY tips and tricks will teach you how to take your photography skills to the next level for only a fraction of the cost.

1) Use Aluminum Foil to create an “El Bokeh Wall”

2) Use a Fishtank To Get An Underwater Shot

3) Use A Sifter To Create A Shadow Filter

4) Use A Piece Of Cloth And Cardboard To Create A Simple Background

5) Create a Softbox Effect Using A Plastic Bag

6) Use a Towel as a Video Slider

7) Add Some Flair To Your Photos With Lights

8) Create An Optical Illusion

9) Get That Perfect Top-Down Overview Photo

10) Remove Tourists From Your Pictures By Following These Simple Instructions

11) Cut Out A Heart Shape In A Cardboard For A Heart-Shaped Bokeh

12) DIY Macro Lens

13) Using Your Sunglasses As A Filter

14) Fake Macro Bokeh

15) Cover A Small Plastic Bag In Vaseline For A Soft-Focus Lens Effect

16) Create A Window Shadow By Cutting Different Shapes In A Cardboard

17 ) Use A CD To Create Lens Flares

18) Cut Out Your Own Bokeh Shapes

19) Add Steam Using An Iron or Other Appliances

20) Use Sparklers To Lig ht Up Your World

21) Create A Filter With Colored Plastic Bags

22) Use A Plastic Bag To Create Hazy Photos

23) Add Some Style To Your Photos Using Lace

24) Use A Blank Cd Case To Protect Your Lens From The Rain

25) Coffee Hood As A DIY Lens Cap

26) Capture High-Speed Drops With These Inexpensive Household Items

27) Stabilize Your Camera With A Bag Of Lentils

28) Use A Shower Curtain To Create A Softbox

29) Show Off Your Products With A Black Tile

30) Colorful Filter

31) Use Windows To Soften Your Photos

32) Lighting Trick

33) Use Plastic Props To Create “Wildlife Photography” At Home

34) Use A Hair Dryer For Fashion Photography

35) Use Cloth For A Softening Effect

36) Use White Sheet For An Easy Lighting Fix

37) Use These Simple Items To Add Some Color

38) Use Glasses For A Natural Filter

39) Use A Small Prism To Reflect Background In Your Photos

40) Use Your Tablet For A Lightpainted Background

41) Easy DIY Lens Color Filters

42) How To Imitate ‘Film Burn’ With A Matchstick

43) Turn Your Smartphone Into A Pinhole Using Cardboard

44) Use A Small Flashlight To Create Lens Flare

45) Smear Vaseline On Your Lens Filter To Create Vignette

46) Easy Pinhole Effect

47) Use A Mirror To Reflect Light

48) Create ‘Clouds’ Using A Hoop And Thread

This was inspired by an article that can be found here.


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