20 ULTIMATE Laws of The Universe and 10 SIMPLE Ways to Use Them In Your Favor!

20 ULTIMATE Laws of The Universe

1. You cannot know exactly what is good and what is evil.


2. Imposed good is always evil.

Use these 2 in your favor by sorting out the evident evil. Everything else is neutral by nature. Good and Evil are human concepts and if you focus on your truth while having a respect for others’ it really doesn’t matter what is “good” and what is “evil” Everything just is.


3. You cannot know exactly what the universe needs from you.


4. No one in The Entire Universe is just like you.

Use these 2 in your favor by accepting completely the whole specter of who you are. Your point of view is only yours. No one experienced The Universe like you do, no one does and no one will. When you accept your uniqueness only than you’ll start to understand your own unique journey.


5. There is no bad, there are things that make you grieve.


6. There is no good, there are things that make you enjoy.

Use these 2 in your favor by accepting the sad moments of your life and appreciating the happy ones. Sad emotions are not negative if you learn from them and happy ones can be if they steer you away from your path. Start growing by accepting that there is no good or bad, accept the full spectrum of emotions and let them teach you what you need to learn.


7. It is possible that your mistakes are what The Universe requires from you.


8. Your mistakes will not destroy the universe.

Use these 2 in your favor by giving yourself freedom to fail. Maybe you need to fail a couple of times so you can learn a valuable lesson. Maybe that’s what The Universe needs from you. Making a mistake is not something bad. That’s how you learn to be better than you already are. And don’t worry, The Universe is much too powerful and great to be damaged by your mistake.


9. Do not seek the truth, it is not there. And if it exists, you don’t need it.


10. Do not seek meaning in life; if it exists, it lies beyond its borders.

Use these 2 in your favor by accepting that there is no ultimate truth, there is no ultimate meaning. If there actually are they are beyond you. You are a part of them. That’s why you cannot comprehend them. It’s like if a word from a page of a book tries to understand the story of the same book. The only truth that matters for you is the truth you hold and the truth that shines through you. And the meaning of your life is whatever you want it to be.


11. You cannot be out of love even if you wanted. You come from love into love. But also, you are love.


12. Do not worry about yourself. The Universe supports you a lot more than you’ll ever know.

Use these 2 in your favor by stopping to waste energy in worrying. You are loved and supported beyond your control. Instead, use your energy to do what you are truly hear to do.


13. There is no point in seeking worth. You are always enough.


14. If you do something that is difficult for you, it is not necessary for you to keep doing that thing if you don’t want to.

Use these 2 in your favor by decluttering everything you do to prove your worth, to yourself or anyone. It’s a fool’s errand, and in the end you always realize you didn’t really need the approval. If there is something you don’t want to do, you are as free as anyone can ever be to stop doing that. You will always be you, and you will always stay worthy, as long as you don’t let someone or something convince you otherwise.


15. As Inside so outside, as outside so inside.


16. As above so below, as below so above.

Use these 2 in your favor by taking control of the one thing you truly can control, yourself. You are the one in the middle between inside and outside, and between the below and the above. You choose your actions which shape those worlds. If there is no enemy within there will be no enemy without.


17. The Universal language is a language of frequency.


18. Similar things attract each other not opposites.

Use these 2 in your favor by becoming the person that you want to be before you start living the life that you envision this person to live. By raising your frequency to match your perfect life you will have no choice but to attract your perfect life into your reality.


19. You always have a freedom of choice.


20.  Everything that happens does in its time and for a reason.

Use these 2 in your favor by understanding your ultimate power. You always have a freedom of choice to go on a different path. You always have the freedom to choose the reason that everything happens for. Maybe you cannot control the waves, but you can choose the ones that you want to surf. And you can also choose the way you surf them.


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