20 Warning Signs Your Relationship is Emotionally Abusive

Emotional abuse can break down your sense of character and sense of self, and sadly it is oftentimes hard to see when you are being abused. While physical abuse can not be disputed, due to visible marks, emotional abuse leaves marks on your soul which are not as easy to spot.

While outsiders cannot see the scars left by emotional abuse, scientists say that it is just as damaging to a person as physical or sexual abuse.

When someone is emotionally abused it can make them confused about who they are and can cause them to question their own character. As the abuser uses their words to tear them down, the victim is left in fear and despair. Oftentimes, manipulation is used to make the victim feel as though they are crazy, or that the abuse to justified because the victim deserved it.

Any form of abuse will break down your feelings of self-esteem, however, emotional abuse achieves this by making the victim question whether or not they are worthy or lovable. Emotional abuse does not bear a face, though, as studies show men and women are equally likely to play the abuser.


There are signs, though, and if you see the following signs in your relationship, it is probably time to save yourself from the degradation of your health and well-being.

You Could Be in An Emotionally Abuse Relationship If:

1. You’re significant other purposely embarrasses you in front of others.

2. Your partner constantly makes you feel as though you can’t do anything right by pointing out all of your mistakes and flaws.

3. You find you have become the punchline to various cruel and inappropriate jokes.

4. To ensure that you know what is wrong with you, your partners is constantly bringing up your every failure.

5. Your partner attempts to take control of everything you say or do.

6. You are constantly told that you are too sensitive or that your opinions are invalid.

7. Your significant gives you disapproving looks or dismisses you, and you are afraid to be alone with them.

8. You are shown little to no affection, and if you do something that your partner doesn’t like, they withhold affection to punish you.

9. Your partner belittles you consistently and is always telling you that your dreams, goals, and achievements are stupid or meaningless.

10. Your most private moments do not mean anything to your partner, and he/she openly shares them with everyone.

11. Your partner doesn’t trust your ability to do much of anything and believes they always know what is best for you.


12. You are made to feel as though you are the root cause of all of your partner’s problems, moods and overall lack of happiness.

13. Your partner is unable to laugh at their own mistakes and becomes angry if other people laugh at their weaknesses.

14. You are made to feel bad about visiting family or friends or venturing out anywhere by yourself.

15. You are constantly made to feel as though you are not good enough.

16. Your partner insists that you are always wrong and they are always right.

17. Threats are made to appear as suggestions that are meant to help you.

18. Your significant other monitors your finances to control your actions, how much money you spend, and what you purchase.

19. Your partner calls, texts, or randomly turns up to check on you when they are not around.

20. You are always being accused of things that you have not done, and are told you must prove your love to them.

If you are in a relationship, and your partner participates many of these behaviors, it is time to go. Nobody should ever have to endure any form of abuse, and that includes emotional abuse. Even if you get out of the relationship early, it is quite likely that you will require counseling to repair the damage that has been done. Longstanding emotional abuse can destroy a person, and no partner, no matter what other endearing qualities they display, is worth putting up with constant degradation and abuse.


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