20 Ways To Regain Your Positive Energy When Things Get Hard

One of the most important life-changing habits that exist is the habit of positive thinking. However, sometimes, it can be easier said than done. One important thing to note that positive thinking does not necessarily mean ignoring the negative side. It is more about embracing the fact that negativity is a part of life, but at the same time, choosing to be positive instead.

#1: Connect with nature.

Connecting with the nature has many benefits- it improves memory, offers a sense of rejuvenations, relieves stress and helps you take the focus off from your problems and makes you realize how happiness and calm still exist.

#3: Be gracious.

Being gracious and accepting the positivity around you will help raise your spirits and boost your mental capability too!

#4: Take mental rests.

Taking small breaks, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed or drained mentally can help you get back to your positive and productive side.

#5: Laugh whenever possible (and appropriate).

Laughter can help strengthen the immune system and reduce pain, boost mood and guard against stress. Watching a comedy movie or a short funny video can help!

#6: Associate with other positive human beings.

It has been proven that stress is contagious, but so is positivity. Being more around people that are productive and tend to be happy can be beneficial.

#7: Detect silver lining.

Always always try to find the silver lining. Have your optimism radar on and try to find a positive aspect to any negative experience that you may be having.

#8: Take deep breaths.

This may sound cliche, but it really helps. Deep breathing has a calming effect on the body and can help you focus more on the good side. Also, it helps improve your cognitive abilities.

#9: Release negativity.

Whenever a negative event occurs, accept it, and then move on to the most positive and productive reaction you could. Realize that if you dwell over it, you will end up with more negativity.

#10: Talk to yourself—in a positive fashion.

Whenever you talk to yourself, tell yourself that things will always work out, and try to say those words out loud. Reassure yourself, and you’re more likely to succeed that way.

#11: Talk to good friends.

Being around good friends can help you both literally and metaphorically. They’ll also offer your fresh insights and perspectives on the issues you’re dealing with, and you’ll come out more positive.

#12: Go for walks.

Something as simple as going for a walk can instantly lift your spirit. It doesn’t just calm you but also helps you relax and unwind.

#13: Stay fit.

Working out has a positive effect on your physical body, but it also helps improve your mental health. Better mood and reduced anxiety are two of the best psychological benefits of staying fit and exercising, and it is also believed to help the release of the feel good chemicals of the brain, which improve mood and reduce the risk of depression.

#14: Sleep well.

It has been found that good sleep has a huge impact on mental health, and so does sleep deprivation. Getting less than 5 hours of sleep every night can lead you to become more exhausted, angry and stressed.

#15: Keep a journal.

Keeping a journal will help you deal with your negative thoughts better and it is one of the best ways to release them too.

#16: Take sick days.

Even if you’re not physically sick, take a sick day leave if you’re feeling low and feel like you need some time to recover.

#17: Indulge from time to time.

Indulgence isn’t healthy, but a little of it is okay once in a while. It can help recharge you mentally.

#18: Always be present.

Always focus on the present. If you always keep on thinking about the past and the future, you’ll be unable to focus on what actually matters, and more often than not, you’ll be in a lot of stress and will have more negative thoughts.

#19: Be spiritual.

Focus on being healthy spiritually. Just like your body, your soul needs to be nourished too. Find peace in being a part of spiritual activities of your choice.

#20: Celebrate every victory.

One of the best ways to be positive immediately is to celebrate each and every victory, no matter how small it is. Pat yourself in the back for every small accomplishment. You’ll feel loads better and motivated too!


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