2018 Will Be These 3 Zodiac Signs Worst Year Ever, But Here’s How To Deal

We’re way into the New Year now, and the spirit of it all may have worn off by now, but it isn’t too late to know of how this year is going to affect you, and if it is going to affect you and the people of your zodiac sign in a negative way.

These 3 zodiac signs will have a tough time this year, but here’s how they can deal with it better. If you find your name on this list, don’t be disheartened. This year may be challenging for you, but your efforts are going to pay off in the end. Take this time as a time to learn lessons and move on to the next phase of growth and experience success as an individual. Read on…


Gemini, this year can be tough for you with the movement of Saturn into Capricorn. There may be issues in your eighth house of sex, death, money and you may also have troubles with intimacy and debts. You’ll be in a lot of mental conflict and may be asking yourself questions about whether or not you’re making the right moves. You may also seem to attract partners to yourself who may be emotionally unavailable and it may hurt you a lot harder than you would like.

Take a break though and don’t push yourself too much this year. Get in touch with a therapist if you can- it’ll make things easier for you and you’ll be able to make much better sense of everything you’re going through and it’ll help make this transit easier for you.


Cancer, Saturn is now moving into your seventh house of partnership, and your commitment will be under the test this year. You’ll have your share of responsibilities and you’ll have to look at your own well-being as well as those of others, and remember that people don’t have to depend on you to make them happy. There may be issues regarding co-dependency, and you may need some time to heal yourself from your way of thinking that may have been negative.

You may be a bit disappointed in another person and you’ll finally begin to see that everyone is actually responsible for how they feel. Sometimes, people will let you down but it is upto you to understand that everyone is human, and everyone is a reflection of how you feel. So stop asking others to give you more. Learn to detach from others and love yourself first, so that it becomes possible for you to love others.


Sagittarius, you’re known to be a lucky sign, because you’re ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion and good fortune. This year however, Saturn is in Capricorn and it will be forcing you to do things such as tightening your belt and counting your money and doing things in ways which you aren’t really used to doing. This will prove to be a drag for you because you hate to slow down.

This year, you will need to have a more realistic approach towards the money that you have, and how you choose to spend it. You may find it harder to make money and that’s when you now need to inculcate habits of saving and understand that you need some things, but sometimes you don’t. This year you will be able to realize what possessions are actually important for you, and what aren’t.

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