21 Insanely Realistic Miniature Foods That Look Good Enough to Eat

These adorable handcrafted miniature foods are all the rage in Japan, and slowly but surely they are stealing the hearts of the Western cultures as well. You will have to take a second glance at many of these, as it is hard to believe that they aren’t truly edible.

Although the miniatures depicted in these particular pictures are not actual food, they are based on a trend that made its way onto the seen in 2015 known as Kawaii cooking. This culinary trend is an artful way to turn collectible dollhouse miniatures into real life food. Chefs use regular ingredients found in any household and mix them together in tiny portions, and then cook them over candle flames. The result? Edible art on a much smaller scale. And you don’t have to be a chef to try out Kawaii cooking either. We have added a video that instructs you on how to make a tiny apple pie at the end of the article.



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