21 Signs You’re Actually An Ambivert

It seems everyone is talking about how they’re an introvert. Or how they’re an extrovert. But what if you don’t feel like you fit cleanly in either socialization category?

It could be that you don’t fit cleanly in either box because you don’t belong in either category. It could be that you aren’t an introvert—nor are you an extrovert.

Instead, you might be an ambivert.

Here are 21 signs you might be not an introvert or extrovert, but rather, an ambivert.

You avoid conversations with strangers
This isn’t the same as simply not going out (hi, introverts!)—because you do. You just don’t always feel like starting a conversation with anyone while you’re out.

You don’t mind meeting new people—just not alone
Unlike introverts, you don’t mind new people in your life. Unlike extroverts, you’d prefer not to meet them alone. Instead, you do best when meeting new people when with other pre-existing friends.

You love talking about the things you’re passionate about
You just don’t prefer idle chit-chat or small talk, but you don’t mind talking to other people as long as it’s something you’re passionate about or that interests you.


That doesn’t mean you don’t need down time, though
Because you do. When you’re done talking with others, you’ll gladly sit quiet the rest of the evening, just listening to the conversations around you. If a topic of interest comes up, you’ll chime in—but you’re just as happy in the background.


And not getting that down time will wear you out
After all, you have to have a chance to recover. People are exhausting!

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You can have different personas as needed
For instance, you can be a very different person at work than with your friends.

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Asserting yourself can be hard!
You do it when you need to, though, and you nail it! It’s just not always something that comes naturally for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.
Though when you really try, you nail it.
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You can be high-energy…for a while
But after enough time as the life of the party, you’re beat, and then you may just want to go home. That makes you different from the extroverts (who just keep finding more energy as a result of being the center of the party) and introverts (who wanted to go home as soon as they got to the party).


You relate to descriptions of introverts
But then you relate to the extrovert descriptions, too, and feel like you’re stuck.

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Your friends can’t agree, either
As to whether or not you’re an introvert or an extrovert, that is. (They all agree you’re awesome, though.)



You can make small talk
But you don’t like it. In fact, it often feels insincere to you when you have to do it.


Sometimes you just need downtime
Including an occasional weekend by yourself.


Too much time alone isn’t good, though
In fact, it can leave you feeling a bit mopey, and it bothers you how unproductive it can feel.

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And you’re certainly capable of a good time
Some of your best memories, for instance, are from weekends where you just didn’t ever go home.


You think before you speak
Well, most of the time. Sometimes you still say something stupid, but it’s infrequent.

You still say some dumb things occasionally.

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You still say some dumb things occasionally.


You balance out the people you’re with
If you’re with someone quiet, you’ll talk more. If you’re with someone loud, you’ll become the quiet party. In every group, you balance things out.


You’re intuitive
And when others miss signals, you don’t. As a result, you’re far better at reading a room than most.

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You observe
You’re like an introvert in that regard, in that you often find yourself just watching the room around you.


You’re not afraid to be in the moment
Even if that’s the exact opposite of watching the room, like, say, dancing.

Even if that does involve dancing.

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Your relationship with attention is all about context
You don’t mind being the center of attention when it feels right, but just as often, you’d rather be on the periphery. You’re a bit of a chameleon, really.


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And there’s a name for that kind of chameleon
If you don’t feel quite like an introvert, or quite like an extrovert, it’s because you’re not: You’re an ambivert!


See? The reason you fit in with introverts and extroverts, but don’t feel quite like you belong with either, is because you’re a little of both. You’re a social chameleon, able to blend in or star, depending on what the context requires of you and how you’re feeling. You’re not an introvert. You’re not an extrovert. You’re the best of both worlds; you’re an ambivert!

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