25 Facts We All Believe that are Surprisingly Not True

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Did you know that the Earth doesn’t obit the sun?  With so much new information coming out all the time, sometimes we aren’t synced with actual facts.  We get caught up in old mentalities and end up believing that some things are true when they are not.  Check out these 25 facts to make sure that you aren’t left behind!

25. The Earth Is NOT orbiting the Sun

We have long believed that our earth is orbiting our beautiful life giving sun.  But actually this is not entirely true.  There is a point in our solar system called the Barycenter that is where the center of mass is located.  Although most of the time this point is located inside of the sun there are times where larger planets will pull it into empty space.

Via alistairpott.com
Via alistairpott.com

24. Your Tongue doesn’t have different regions of Taste

Believe it or not every area of your tongue is designed to taste salty, sweet, sour, and bitter food.  We are not sure where this one got started but people will insist that they have various regions that are selective in what they can taste.

23. Baby Birds can be returned to their Nests

That is correct, mother birds will accept back their babies even if they touch a human hand before they are returned to the nest.

22. Sugar doesn’t make you hyper

According to Yale University sugar actually doesn’t make you hyper.  I know it may feel that way but it is actually the placebo effect at work.  We have long believed that sugar does make us hyper and so our minds will try to duplicate that effect.  It truly is strange what our minds are capable of!

21. Chameleons Don’t change color to blend in

Even I was raised to believe that Chameleons changed color to blend in with their surroundings.  Long term research has found that they are actually changing color to express their emotions and communicate with other Chameleons.  This is almost like the effect humans have when we blush.

20. Napoleon was actually taller than the average Frenchmen

The reason why we actually think of him as shorter is because he always surrounded himself with large and tall personal guards.  This lead to the perception that he was short when he actually wasn’t.

Check out all 25 facts in the video here! 

19. Vikings Didn’t have horns on their helmets

That’s the truth, we have yet to unearth a single viking era helmet with horns on them.

18. Chewing Gum Doesn’t take 7 Years to be digested

Chewing gum is actually something that is considered undigestable.  So if you swallow it your body with treat it like any other non-food that was swallowed and pass it right through and out of your system.

6c3548a2b7db4051c414bcdd6115a3fd17. Red Heads and Blonds are Not going extinct

For this to be the case every blond or red headed person out there would have to stop reproducing and suddenly die.  In fact the Melanesian population in the Solomon Islands have developed a gene where even though they are darker skinned sometimes they end up with blond hair. 

16. Bats are Not Blind

That’s right!  Though many bats use echolocation they are actually not blind.  In fact many bats have great night vision!

15. People often living into their 60’s in the Middle Ages

We always thought that people didn’t live very long in the middle ages.  In fact the biggest reason why the average life span was so low was because of the infant mortality rate.  If you made it past being a baby it was common to live a full life even into your 60’s.

14. Fingers don’t wrinkle because of water absorption

When you spend a long time in water your fingers and toes actually do not wrinkle because of the water.  What is strange about this is that your brain is telling your body to react that way and to this day scientists cannot figure out why it happens.

Via biotechpark.org
Via biotechpark.org

13. The Coriolis effect doesn’t actually change the direction our toilet flushes based on what side of the earth you live on.

That effect only influences large bodies of water.  If your toilet is draining different it is simply because the water is entering the toilet bowl from the opposite angle you are used to.

12. There is No such thing as a Banana Tree

It is called a Banana plant.

11. Gold fish don’t have a 3 second memory

They actually can remember things much longer than that.

10. Sharks actually do get cancer.

Unfortunately who ever started the rumor that sharks cannot get cancer was mistaking.

Via albertzurita.eu
Via albertzurita.eu

9. Cracking your knuckles doesn’t lead to arthritis 

Pop them as much as you want, you will be just fine.

8. The Pyramids are easier to see from Space than the Great Wall of China

Not only can you see the Pyramids from further away in space but the Great wall of China cannot even be seen from the international space station that is in orbit around our earth.

7. You cannot kill someone by dropping a Penny from the Empire State Building

6. Hair and Finger nails do not continue to grow after death

The reason why it appears that they do is because as the skin recedes in decomposition the hair and nails appear to have grown when actually they remained the same.

5. A Ducks Quack does have an Echo

This is another one of those silly facts that many people believe without a good reason.

Photo by Canuckzd
Photo by Canuckzd

4. Dogs do not sweat on their tongues

Dogs do sweat on the pads of their feet.  When you see a dog panting it is to assist them in the cooling process but the moisture in their mouth is saliva and not sweat.

3. Tomatoes are actually a Fruit

Even though the supreme court ruled that they are vegetables (Nix vs Hedden) for the purposes of taxation they are actually botanically a fruit.

2. Fortunately Poinsettias are not lethal

If your pet eats them they may have a stomach ache but the plant will not kill anyone.

1. The color orange was named after the fruit

Originally the color orange was called ‘yellow-red” or “red-yellow”.  It wasn’t until after the fruit was named that we decided to call the color orange as well.

How many of these facts did you know the truth of?  Are there any other commonly misbelieved facts that you know of?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and thank you for reading.


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