26 Year Old Recovering Addict Gives Haircuts To The Homeless, But That’s Not All (Watch)


Nasir Sobhani knows what it feels like to look in the mirror and hate what you see. As a recovering drug addict there was a point in life when he could not look at himself without crying; Ashamed of the man he had become he turned to rehab and the Baha’i  faith to help him out of his darkness.

After getting clean his family inspired him to follow his passion of becoming a barber. Nasir uses his talent to give people what he feels is a chance at a new beginning. Fresh cut, fresh beginnings is what he calls it when he takes to the streets every Sunday to give free haircuts to the homeless.
However the haircut is just at the surface of what is being offered, most importantly what is given is connection, true compassion, and understanding. He looks in the eyes of those he serves and invites them to open up and express themselves from their heart. It is a beautiful thing to watch, by offering a new looks Nasir offers an ability for these people to see themselves from a fresh perspective.

Nasir, now known as The Street Barber, also holds a weekly meet-up for anyone who considers themselves spiritually inclined. Offering a place of respect and open floor to share what spirituality means to each and every person.


Compassion is key is the harsh times we live in and people like Nasir Sobhani is making waves with his simple gestures of kindness.


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