27 Images That Prove That We Are In Serious Danger. I’m Speechless

“We must Correct and Changes our ways, go back to the Spiritual ways, and take care of Mother Earth. If we do not, we are going to face terrible destruction by Nature, wars will come like powerful winds, bringing Purification or Destruction. The more we turn away from the Instructions of the Great Spirit, the more signs we see in the form of earthquakes, floods, drought, fires, tornadoes; along with wars and corruption.”-Hopi Prophecy


Many prophecies of the end of our world have surfaced for hundred of not thousands of years. I have always said that psychics and prophets can only see the reality that is relevant to our current choices. If we change our choices, I believe we can have a different result.

Spread the awareness of these evocative pictures with those who you feel would be touched and motivated to change themselves. We can’t pretend that preaching works but…

These pictures say more than a thousand words.

1. This is a picture of the overdeveloped Mexico City. This place has over 20 million residents. Those arent white rocks, those are apartments and houses. That fog you see is pollution. I’ve seen it myself and its very hard to breathe.


2. This image shows the extent of ocean pollution in Indonesia.


3. An image of a power plant emitting tons of pollutants into the air.


4. A waterfall created from ice melting from glaciers. #ClimateChange


5. An oil field in California. A prime example of humans need to squeeze as much profit out of the Earth as possible.


6. The carcass of a polar bear in Svalvard, Norway who starved because of the melting ice caps caused by climate change. Polar bears depend on the ice to hunt.


7. A power plant burns in Fukushima fiercely resisting efforts to put the flames out.


8. Landfill of tires in the deserts of Nevada. Tires release dangerous toxins when they decompose and also when they are burned. We should support companies who recycle old tires instead of letting them wind up in landfills.


9. Deforestation in Canada. It’s so sad to see what remains of the once beautiful forests that thrived there.


10. A pile of old technology that has been thrown aside because it’s out of date.


11. Yep. You guessed it. Black Friday sale. #NeedThatKeurigBadly


12. This Maldives island is being threatened by rising sea levels. #TimeToMove


13. This is a bird’s eye view of New Delhi, and its 22 million inhabitants! Just as bad as the Mexico City issue.


14.The remains of a decomposing Albatross. Take a look at what is inside the body though…


15. This is the Mir Mine, the largest diamond mine in the world located in Russia. When you witness the beauty of a diamond, you often never realize the destruction left in the wake of the search for it.


16. Wild Siberian Tigers. Approximately 97% of the species has been wiped out by poaching in the last century…


17. These are greenhouses as far as the eye can see near Almeria, Spain.


18. A forest that was in Oregon for over a thousand years was destroyed when people decided a new dam was needed nearby. All animals that lost their homes…


19. Downtown Los Angeles. The energy consumption in such densely populated cities is surpasses entire countries.



20. A fire in Colorado burns down everything in its path. Its said that increased wildfires are a direct result of climate change.


22. This is a waste incineration plant near Bangladesh. #Recycle


23. A herd farmer from Mongolia who cannot stand the smell of the Yellow River which is so bad that its pollution content is 100 times higher than the national standard.


24. This haul truck is loaded with hundreds of tons of oil sand. Oil sand is said to be the energy source of the future, however harvesting this oil sand is a leading cause of deforestation and is the largest contributor in North America to climate change.


25. This is a picture of the London’s sky’s which show how much air traffic they get daily.


26. This is the rainforest going up in flames, which is driving out a herd of goats that used to graze in the rainforest.


27. This once elegant and beautiful elephant was killed for her ivory and her body was left here.



 “If we do not Correct and Change these things, we are all going to suffer, there is no way we will be able to help each other after this. ” -Hopi Prophecy


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