28 People Who Stumbled Upon Their Doppelgängers In Museums And Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

There’s a saying that everyone has a long-lost twin somewhere in the world—and these people found theirs! People from all over the world are visiting museums and galleries and are finding their historic doppelgängers preserved in time. There’s such a striking resemblance that some people believe they may be long-lost relatives. Checkout these incredible lookalikes!

1) Finding Yourself In A Museum

2) Met My Doppelgänger Today

3) I’m Actually A Time Traveler By The Way

4) I Think I Look Pretty Good In Armor, Don’t You?

5) So I Found A Picture Of Myself Dressed As A Samurai From 111 Years Ago At The Metropolitan Museum of Art

6) I’m Experiencing Some Weird Déjà Vu Right Now

7) Found My Long Lost Twin At The Louvre

8) Found My Doppelgänger At The Museum Today

9) I’m The Head

10) Ah, I Remember Posing For This In The 1800’s

11) Blast From The Past

12) Can You Even Tell The Difference?

13) Found This Painting Of Myself While Walking Through The Met

14) Gallery Lookalike

15) Childhood Twins

16) I Found My Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother

17) Weird Al Finds His Doppelgänger At The Louvre

18) Matched With A Painting Today

19) Henry VIII Of England

20) Visited Paris This Weekend And There Was One Painting That Caught My Eye…

21) Who Wore It Better?

22) Found Our Baby In A Painting

23 ) Found My Doppelgänger In An Unlikely Place

24 ) My Best Mate Found Himself At The Gallery

25 ) Quite An Uncanny Resemblance!

26 ) Me and Mexican Artist Juan García Ponce

27 ) Shaved The Stash, Kept The Charm

28 ) Found My Doppelgänger At The Louvre


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