3 Conscious Secrets to Losing Weight

We are always hearing that in order to lose weight you need to eat healthy and exercise.  But sometimes, even with these efforts, we find that losing weight is difficult or seemingly impossible.  Perhaps there is something else going on that we have yet to realize, deep inside, that is holding us back from experiencing the weight-loss that we desire.

There are a few different reasons that we may be holding on to extra weight in our lives and it is through inner searching and intuition that we can find our own specific reasons.  However, if any of these reasons resonate with you they may be just what you needed to hear in order to understand what you are going through.

After you understand why you have the weight then you can decide the steps you need to take in order to rebalance your life and lose weight.

  1. Emotional Buffer or Protection– Sometimes weight is a symbolic protection for emotional pain.  The weight is a buffer or extra layers added sub consciously to hide and protect a part of ourselves that has been hurt by a perceived outside source.
Via www.networkworld.com
Via www.networkworld.com

Have you felt hurt by a past trauma or experience that is still lingering or haunting you?  Perhaps you still feel pain when you think of someone that you perceived caused you pain.  This may be why you are subconsciously holding on to the extra buffer of protection.

Perhaps the pain isn’t necessarily external, but instead internal.  It is common, although we are working to change this, for people to harbor some sort of self-resentment.  We are the one who has spent the most time with ourselves and yet we often do not take the time to show ourselves love, forgiveness, or the kindness we need deep down.

Give yourself permission to heal, to love, to forgive yourself or others from your past.  Accept yourself and acknowledge that the powerful growth, expansion, and higher awareness gained in your life is because of the experiences you have had in life.  They are your assets and you are made stronger by them.  You no longer need that shield.

Thank the divine wisdom of your higher self for guiding you to this experience.  It is though gratitude that we completely heal.

  1. Grounding– Sometimes we subconsciously add weight to ourselves to help ground or weigh ourselves down so that we do not get too high in vibration and in a sense ‘float away’.  Many people are becoming very sensitive to higher vibrations and we sometimes feel fear about experiencing all of the new changes in awareness as we become more of our true self.
via medicmagic.net/
via medicmagic.net/

This is when we will add extra weight as a subconscious way of keeping our feet on the ground and not allow ourself to expand into these higher realms of awareness.  Though being physically heavy will have little effect on the vast expansion of your mind and soul weight can be a physical manifestation of the fear or apprehension that you have for expansion and self-trust.

Know that you are not ever alone in your expansion.  There is always a higher vibrational version of yourself guiding you and giving you impressions on what to do next in order to live a full life.  Surrendering to the highest good may be scary at first but the results are priceless.

  1. Mass Waiting to be used– this is probably the most common of the three causes of being unable to drop excess weight.  This is where you really want to do something, experience something, or explore something new but because of one reason or another you are waiting to do it.  This waiting has turn into weight because the energy is building up in our bodies waiting for the day that we decide to use it.

Risultati_di_ricercaThe trick to dropping this type weight is to act on and follow the thing that brings you the greatest excitement.  When you follow your passion it will feel like time is flying around you.  Your focus will be so engaged in following your passion that you will not have time to concern yourself with stagnant energy.

I personally experienced this in my own life when I sold and gave away nearly everything I owned to travel around and follow my dreams.  The experience was priceless and at the end of about 6 months I had dropped around 40 pounds of excess weight.  I was surprised because I wasn’t focusing on losing weight; it just became part of the natural process of following my passions.

Bashar is an incredible teacher and messenger to mankind that discusses losing weight and not waiting to follow your highest excitement in this awesome video below, enjoy.


What have you found that has helped you lose weight?  Do you think that through forgiveness, self-trust, and following your passions that you can remove the excess weight?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and thank you for reading.

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