3 of the Best Ways To Induce Lucid Dreams!

There are many different methods for this but these three the best options. These methods have all worked for me.

3 best ways to induce lucid dreaming:

  • Reality Checks- 

If you know anything about lucid dreaming you are most likely familiar with reality checks. A reality check is when you pause your mind and ask yourself if you’re awake or dreaming then perform a task or action that will confirm whether you are in a dream or not. You must do these throughout the day.

One of the best things to do is holding your nose and trying to breathe as in a dream you will still be able to breathe but in real life you will not. This check seems to work quite well. If you do these reality checks throughout your day your mind will begin telling you to do them during your dreams as well. There are other reality checks you can do and I will add a video below to show some other examples.

  • Focus All Of Your Intentions-

Before you fall asleep you must convince yourself that you will realize you are dreaming the very next time you go to sleep. Repeat this as you fall asleep going over it in your mind until you’re fast asleep. In order for this method to work, you will have to convince yourself one hundred percent.

  • Binaural Beating-

Binaural beats allow you to induce lucid dreaming but I feel this method should be used along with another method. These beats work by entrancing your brain into the right frequencies to induce lucid dreaming. By using multiple frequencies you can guide your brain into the right state and produce a lucid dream. Below is a sample of some binaural beats.



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