4 Compelling Reasons To Stop Buying GMOs

Did you know that the standard use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)  is a relatively old practice?  GMO farming started to become a normalized practice in the United States in the 90s, and since then it has spread out to other areas of the world.  Now, the genetic modification of our food has become one of the most controversial health-related topics to debate.

While it’s still technically too early to be able to tell how a lifetime of eating GMO foods will affect one’s health, there is already enough compelling reasons to stop growing GMO crops and get back to an organic, heirloom diet.

1) GMOs may cause cancer

Research by Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini suggests that a diet high in GMO foods can cause tumorous cancers in rats.  For anyone trying to wrap their minds around why cancer rates are skyrocketing, perhaps the answer lies within what is lining the grocery shelves.  Remember, it’s not just boxed or canned food that uses GMOs in their ingredients.  Fruits and vegetables are also genetically modified so that they will be more resistant to pesticides.   It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that this probably won’t be healthy for us long-term.

2) GMOs require more pesticides, and increase the amount of pesticides we consume

This stems from the first point.  There are two major types of GMOs.  The first are genetically engineered to have a built-in insecticide to kill off bugs.  The second type are bred to be immune to pesticides so that they can be doused in heavier amounts of chemicals to ward off weeds and pests.  This second type are often called “Roundup Ready” crops.

The end result?  Any time you purchase GMO foods you are ingesting about 15 times more toxic chemicals than anyone did back in the 80s, or ever before.  They are literally being genetically modified to kill bugs.  Do we really want to eat high levels of bug and weed killer? As mentioned before, no long term studies have been done to test the effects of long-term GMO ingestion.

When pesticides are sprayed over and over on a certain area, the weeds and bugs become resistant after a while.  The ones that can adapt and become resistant will survive and reproduce, meaning that you now need more herbicides and pesticides to produce the same amount of produce.

Not to mention, these pesticides pollute our soil, leak into our water supplies, and harm other forms of life in the ecosystem.  Bee population has dropped significantly due to pesticides being sprayed on our food.

3) GMOs cross pollinate, and could take over the whole food population

The Earth’s ecosystem cannot be easily compartmentalized.  Therefore, a change in one organism can fundamentally change all future organisms of the same species over time.  There is already evidence that the fish in our streams and areas of non-GMO farmland have been contaminated with this manipulated DNA.

If GMO continues to spread like this, we could have a food population where non-GMO foods are nearly impossible to find.

4) Organic farming is just as doable and capable of feeding the world’s population

Despite the propaganda that genetically modifying crops is only way to create enough food for the population, organic farming is just as efficient and capable.

This is perhaps one of the most important messages that needs to get out about GMO foods, because many members of the population blindly accept the lie that genetic modification is necessary to support the world’s population. The truth? It is completely unnecessary.  Here is an awesome video of 14 year old Rachel Parent debating with Kevin O’Leary about GMO labeling and the effects GMOs may have on our health:


Fortunately, many countries have woken up out of the propaganda that companies like Monsanto have been forcing on the population.   But at the end of the day, we vote with our dollar.  Choosing to buy non-GMO and organic foods is one of the best ways to combat this attack on the global food supply.

What are your thoughts on GMOs?


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