5 Benefits of Showering With Your Partner

With the hectic way the world is today, it is unusual to get the occasional forget me not, much less a romantic encounter with your partner. It is important to connect with your partner at least once a day, why not make it wet?

Showering is my favorite part of the day; you wash away all your troubles and then you become good as new. Sometimes we become so caught up in our lives that we forget about our relationships, as much as we love the person we are with, intimacy usually comes in at the bottom of the list. Meaning just a few moments together could make a whole world of difference.

Stress Reliever

Showering can make people feel better; the warm, soothing water and the friendly smile of your partner can do wonders for relieving stress levels.


There is nothing more romantic that being all wet and steamy with the person you love. You grace each other with your touch moving back and forth for your turn under the shower head. Hugging under the stream, or a little kiss to let your significant other know you care. The good thing about a shower is that it is flexible it can be an intimate act or just a few minutes of bonding under hot water.

Easier for Your Back to be Washed

There is nothing more annoying than being unable to reach your back to give it a good scrub. This is where your partner comes in and makes getting your back washed so much easier.

You Will Feel Sexy

No one can make you feel more attractive than your partner. They don’t care that you gained a few pounds or that you have a little cellulite on your tush, all that they care about is that you are with them, you are naked, and they think you are the most amazing person on earth.

Conserve Water

What better way to be a little more eco-friendly than to shower with your partner and save a whole showers worth of water a day.


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