5 Clear Signs Someone You Care About Is A Narcissist

Narcissists can be everywhere- they may be in that mix of people you call friends. While narcissism is a common trait, and it may seem like it can be completely harmless to others, but there is a chance that it isn’t healthy for you to be around such people. Always be on a lookout for these qualities in others and try to stay away from these people because their behavior can lower your self esteem and cause psychological problems.

Narcissism, according to the Mayo Clinic, is

…characterized by dramatic, emotional behavior, which is in the same category as antisocial and borderline personality disorders.

Some of the common symptoms that narcissistic people present are

  • They believe that they’re better than others
  • They fantasize about their success, attractiveness and power
  • They exaggerate their own achievements and talents
  • They expect constant admiration and praise from those around them
  • They believe that they are special, and act accordingly.

Narcissists tend to live in their own dreamland of exaggerated self importance. They feel the world views them as a beautiful person and that they deserve a lot of attention and importance without doing much to attract it. As they grow old and start to experience a lack of attention, it can cause havoc. The lack of affection and attraction can obliterate their self worth.

They also tend to be the most difficult people to be in a relationship with, be it professional or personal, because no matter what you say or do, it can never be enough to feed their never ending desire for applause and admiration. They can expect to be admired simply for showing up in your life and if they take the slightest bit of effort in your relationship, you are expected to worship them. Being around narcissists can be exhausting.

They also tend to have an angry nature, and they may often criticize others saying that those people don’t meet their high standards. When a narcissist is injured emotionally, it is a direct wound on the ego and it paves the way for a huge rage. They will become passive aggressive and suddenly they will take all steps to punish those who displeased them.

An article published in the Atlantic which was titled “The Narcissistic Injury of Middle Age” revealed extensively about narcissism.

For people who aren’t narcissists, passing down the torch of admiration and responsibilities and attention in general, to the younger generation can be tough, but it is tougher for narcissists. Most people tend to experience an initial shock of invisibility and then move on. Instead of looking out to the world for admiration, most people tend to look at themselves and learn to love themselves.

But the problems with narcissists is that they constantly need someone to validate and appreciate their existence, and leading a middle aged life can be an injury for them. Self pity and mourning is not an option for them, and they can’t just shake off the cloak of invisibility no matter what.


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