5 Contradictions Of The INFJ Personality That Make It Hard To Understand

Curious to find out whether you’re an INFJ? Check out our post here which explains all about the contradictions of the INFJ personality type, and why people who have this personality can be a bit confusing for many.

People with the INFJ personality type have many conflicting traits that make them seem like a complicated person overall.

This personality type is defined by the Myers-Briggs classification of personalities, and this personality type has been found to be really rare, since it brings strong opposing qualities into the light.

INFJ actually stands for Introversion + Intuition + Feeling + Judging. Myers and Briggs describe people having this personality as those who seek connections in ideas, material possessions and relationships. Such individuals are very insightful about others and want to understand what motivates people. They stick firm to their values and also have a clear vision about what to do for the great good of the world. These people are also organized and decisive and know how to and what to do to achieve their vision.

These complex traits, however, gives rise to a personality that not many people can understand. These individuals have trouble defining themselves clearly and completely and often have many contradicting aspects about their nature.

Here are the seven most puzzling aspects about individuals with the INFJ personality, and if you’re one, you would totally agree.

Loners who desperately seek a social circle

INFJs are generally introverts and they tend to focus more of what is going on inside them and in their own selves rather than being obsessed about what’s happening in other people’s lives. However, since they also have deep feelings, they seek a connection from the people around them. They genuinely want to bond with people and experience true relationships. They want to have a perfect balance of solitude and social life- they need their alone time, but also crave the warmth of companionship.

If you’re an INFJ or know one who is, you’ll notice how they wish to lead an introverted life, but at the same time, also have the want to share their feelings and express their emotions with someone.

Sometimes, these individuals may disappear for an entire day by blocking all communication means with the outside world, and will emerge the next day desperately in need of someone to talk to and share their feelings with.

Sometimes they will disappear for a whole day, blocking every means of communication with the outer world, but the

next day they are already feeling in desperate need of someone they could talk to and connect with.

Easy-going perfectionists

Having a deep sense of intuition at being judgemental at the same time can often cause conflict, and these individuals often follow their intuition, which is why, they have a spontaneous nature, but also tend to judge carefully and see the order of things before they proceed.

INFJs have a perfectionist side to their personality which when coupled with their their strong values, does not really allow spontaneous behavior. But, their intuition makes them want to act and be in situations where reasoning does not really play a role.

Their spontaneity and intuition will always keep competing with each other and keep them in a fix, and in the end, they may compromise and end up being spontaneous and discovering something which their perfectionist side probably wouldn’t have.

Rational artists

INFJs are extremely creative, but rational at the same time. These contrasting qualities can often be difficult to handle together. For instance, they may be a situation where they may need to be rational, but at the same time, their creativity may want to handle the situation in a different manner.

INFJ people usually have a plethora of talent, but which is unfortunately, bound by judgement which is their own. Their artistic and creative side may want to reveal itself, but being the introverts that they are, they also have the fear of criticism from the outside world. This rational attitude and the need to judge everything properly before doing it is why they always tend to be confused and wondering what to do.

Standing up for others, but not for themselves

INFJs find it very hard to accept when someone is in pain. They often feel other people’s emotions, and take it upon themselves when they see someone feeling sad. They want to do everything in their power to make others happy and positive, and they are ready to stand up for them when needed. In contrast however, they are unable to stand up for themselves.

In the real sense, these people are true protectors and are really there for their close one.

However, when it comes to standing up for their own self, they fail badly. This is because they believe that if they do stand up for themselves, they might hurt someone else. No matter how wrong that person may be, INFJs would rather suffer inside than speaking out the truth.

They judge, but do not pass judgement eagerly, since they do not wish to hurt those around them. They have a philosophical side to their personality and yet they seek earthly experiences.

They have immense philosophical wisdom and spiritual consciousness. They love the finer things in life, and would like to experience the world through all the five senses. They love being surrounded by gourmet meals, sophisticated music and art, beautiful things and even good clothes.

Their high taste clashes with their need for simplicity in life.

Feeling of not belonging here, yet wanting to make this place better

INFJs feel that they do not belong in this world, and feel like they have fallen from space and are wandering on a strange land that does not match with their nature.

However, they also want to make the world a better place to live in, seeing its flaws more vividly.

They don’t actually feel ‘at home’ but they also love to make the world a beautiful place and leave it better than they found it.


INFJs may have many contradictions to their nature, but are truly beautiful and special people. If you are an INFJ yourself, be aware of this. If you know someone who is, respect them and keep them close to you- they’re a rare gem you wouldn’t want to miss.


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