Here Are 5 Tibetan Exercises You Should Be Doing Every Day To Stay Youthful & Energized


These exercises were a well kept secret for over 2000 years, given only to the strictest spiritual disciples. Exclaimed by many to provide anti-aging properties and clarity of mind, the 5 Tibetan Rites are now available for everyone to learn.

Originally released to the mass public by a retired British army officer that traveled into the Himalayas to learn directly from the Monks themselves. A book was created entitled “Ancient Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth” describing this amazing exercise and it’s benefits.

This exercise is said to

  • Slow down the aging process

  • Give a boost of vital energy (Avoid performing before bed as it may keep you up!)

  • Create mental clarity and focus

  • Improves immune function, digestion and blood flow

  • Provides over all body toning and strengthening

  • Create a sense of calm and decrease stress

    5 rites

Peter Kelder, Author of  “Ancient Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth”, quoted an explanation from the monks themselves of why this process is so powerful in rejuvenating the people who utilize it.

“The body has seven centers, which, in English, could be called Vortexes. These are kind of magnetic centers. They revolve at great speed in the healthy body, but when slowed down – well that is just another name for old age, ill-health, and senility.

These spinning centers of activity extend beyond the flesh of healthy individuals, but in the old, weak, senile person, they hardly reach the surface, except in the knees. The quickest way to regain health, youth and vitality is to start these magnetic centers spinning again. There are but five practices that will do this. Any one of them will be helpful, but all five are required to get glowing results.”


Remember: Consult with your health care provider before beginning any new regimen, especially for those with back, neck, and spinal issues. Always be gentle and do only what feels comfortable for your personal abilities. If any of these poses are too strenuous move onto the next, or try a modified version.

For a more in depth look into how to perform these rites please download this free ebook written by Peter Kelder. This book gives a detailed description of each of the rites and how to perform them properly. There is also a free poster available for those who wish to hang a reminder on the wall of the sequence and positions.

In this short video series the benefits of each individual rite/exercise are covered.

Rite 1

Rite 2

Rite 3

Rite 4

Rite 5

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