5 Harsh Life Lessons You Must Learn To Become A Better Person

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

Life challenges us each and every day. Some obstacles are tougher than others, and often times are too difficult to confront. However we need to be able to face them in order to live a truly free, fulfilling life.

According to Buddhist philosophy, in order to find happiness we must be able to accept each and every aspect of life. If we turn a blind eye to the negative ones and only accept the positive ones, we are resisting the Universe and its natural forces.

These 5 truths about life according to Buddhism will benefit all of us by accepting them:

  • There is no point in worrying


Stressing and worrying do not add any value into our lives and are created in the mind. Often times when we worry, we over think and create made up scenarios that make the matter worse. Is worrying about something that has yet to happen going to change the result? If not, then it is a waste of time and you putting extra strain on the mind with no cause. It is important to stay in the present moment. Not looking into the future if there is no changing it, and not worrying about the past. The “now” is where we will find blissful happiness.

  • In order to find happiness, we must see reality for what it is


In order to be free, Buddhism teaches us we must see what reality actually is. It is vital that we stay curious with an open mind, so when truth arises we aren’t fixated into any ideas or opinions. A lot of times we get confused and think we must avoid all negative feelings or occurrences completely, but this is not the case. We must confront these emotions and accept them in order to find true freedom.

  • We actively need to accept change 

Everything in life is change. A lot of times we grow accustomed to a certain “fixed” lifestyle and try to stick to it. This only is refusing to accept the true forces of the universe. All around us there is change that is undeniable. The weather is constantly changing, even within the same day, it can go from clear skies and sunshine, to gloomy and rain clouds. The same goes for life. By embracing change, we can create positive changes in our lives, but first we must accept change and take the initiative to create these  advancements. Buddhist Daisaku Ikeda says it best:

  • Pursuing temporary feelings is the root of suffering

A lot of us start to look towards feelings that we think are happiness. We look to joy, euphoria, blissfulness, but these feelings are temporary and can fade. This causes us to suffer, because we get a high from these feelings, but as they fade so does our joyful feeling. Inner peace is where true happiness lies. You must be content with what you have and love yourself for the person you are. It is described perfectly by Yuval Noah Harari:

  • The path to reducing suffering is through meditation 

During states of meditation, we realized that the present is all that exists. When we start to realize this, we become content and happy. Meditation teaches about our feelings and emotions and how they are only temporary.

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