Top 5 Places More Mysterious Than The Bermuda Triangle

There are many incredible and mysterious places on this earth.  These locations hold the mysteries to strange creatures, UFO sightings and the disappearance of sometimes entire villages.

What could be happening in these areas?  Is this a normal phenomenon or is something far more mysterious going on?  Some Theories suggest that we may be much closer to alternate dimensions than we previously thought.  Perhaps we are slipping out of these dimensions all the time but remain unaware.

Another strange trend is that many of these cases happen in a triangle type area.  The Bermuda triangle isn’t the only place where people have mysteriously disappeared.  Perhaps there is something going on with this basic shape.

In ancient Egypt it was believed that triangles represented the trinity of gods and was considered sacred.  Walking through a triangle was to desecrate the sacred space of the gods and has lead to the common superstition today of not walking under ladders.  Since a ladder against a wall forms a triangle it is considered very unlucky.  Could something be going on with this ancient shape?

Check out this video below about 5 strange and mysterious locations and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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