5 Truths That Show Why True Beauty Lies within.

Our body image is our reflection on the appearance that we carry, or to say the personality we offer, which indeed is part of our existence. But what is that makes us grown-up feel so conscious about our physicality and right here I am hinting on the attributes that we manifest aesthetically. While it’s not wrong to be conscious about your presentability but if believing or obsessing on ‘what you look like’ determines your value as a person, then somehow it carries unfavorable implication on your own self-worth.

Five reasons that will make you feel and sense that true beauty lies within:


  1.  If your body is the temple which abides your soul, how can you neglect the core and just polish the superficial. Physical attractiveness is only a minute proportion of what makes you beautiful. Compassion, grace and opening your heart and assimilating different perspectives reflects the true inner beauty in you.
  2. Today beautiful, tomorrow fades. With time passing, when carnal beauty gives up on you, it’s your inner beauty which transcends mortal existence and still shines with exuberance from the reaping of your good deeds. Beauty is not just what you look like, but what you feel, think and do.
  3. In outer beauty you seek perfection but the inner beauty embraces imperfection, the very premise of being human.
  4. Beauty is something that is intangible. Standards of beauty are culturally diverse and ever changing. Whereas the true inner beauty stands for inherently universal values. A kind loving heart filled with benevolence will make an indelible imprint in any place under the sun.
  5. Finally, the true beauty lies in the uniqueness of each one of us. It’s being accepting who you are rather than trying to chase a never ending unrealistic race of being who you are not.

    Our body is this amazing gift; appreciating and respecting all the things it does will help us to feel more positive about it. It’s having learned to appreciate how each part of our body connects, and how wonderful it is to be able to use it fully in tandem/harmony with other senses alive. Just give your body some love and that’s what all it needs to feel the real beauty within you.



Chaitali Bose

ChaitaliNow a Writer, Columnist and Blogger, previously worked with a leading media and publishing house, I love life. Where there is Love, there is Life. I believe that writing is not only an art of self expression but also affects eternity as it has the tremendous power to influence minds and culture. Being an ardent student of life and literature. I love reading, writing and blogging, which provides me solace from things mundane. Anything or everything around is a source of inspiration to me. Equality, compassion and above all humanity are important to me – I write about these. Relationships of any form has always fascinated me; from mother-child to a fellow human.


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