5 Ways To Deal With Negative People Effectively

One of the greatest skills you could possess in this world is learning how to deal with negative people.  People who insist on choosing the negative perspective, dwell on the negative, and feed off of dragging others down into their low vibration.

If you are fairly positive person (or at least trying to be one), hanging around negative people can feel extremely counterproductive.  Since energy is transferrable between people, oftentimes you may find that when you hang around negative people you become upset, frustrated, or exhausted.

It’s important to remember that when someone is extremely negative, it is usually because they are suffering.  Nobody who is truly content with their lives would waste so much energy complaining and being angry.  Keeping this in mind, things become less personal and dealing with negative people is much less of a burden and more of an opportunity.

That being said, it’s important to know how to handle people who are energy vampires to you.  Here are 5 ways to deal with negative people effectively:

1) Relax

Keep your energy light, and as mentioned before, don’t take things personally.  Keeping good posture and putting a smile on your face are little biohacks that release chemicals like dopamine and seratonin in the body, which will help you deal with the situation from a more level-headed place.

2) Give compliments

Giving compliments is a good way to disarm someone of their negatively.  It throws them off a bit and lays a new energetic foundation for your conversation with them.  Instead of just bracing yourself for a negative encounter, be bold and throw out a compliment about their appearance of their latest achievement.

3) Do your part to keep things positive

Resist the urge to ask questions that you know will have a negative response.  If you know with 100% certainty that the person you are talking to you will respond to the question “how have you been?” with an exaggerated sigh followed by a laundry list of complaints, then don’t ask that question. Instead, move the conversation in a more positive direction.  Focus on what you are bringing to the table and how you may be contributing to their negatively or allowing a container for their negativity to be created.

4) Don’t be afraid to stand your ground

Some negative people are very skilled at getting people to do things outside of their comfort zones.  They like to manipulate your mind, skew your opinions, and weasel their way into your energy field.  Don’t be afraid to offend them, and don’t be afraid of confrontation.  Love yourself enough to know when to say “no”, and to know that you are being walked on.

5) Know when to leave

You do not have to subject yourself to hours of complaints on end.   When you feel your energy start to drain, feel free to excuse yourself.  At some point, you have to give yourself permission to remove yourself from the situation.  It is not unkind to say, “This conversation is really draining me. Can we talk about something more positive? If not I think I’ll have to leave the conversation”.

It’s not rude to excuse yourself to gather your emotions.  In the grand scheme of things, your energy and quality of life are more important than surrounding yourself with negativity.  Don’t be afraid to leave situations that aren’t serving you.

All five of these points are things that YOU bring to the table.  Don’t think of yourself as a victim of someone’s negativity.  Take it as a test of your own emotional and spiritual strength.   Relax, keep things positive, give compliments, and stand your ground out of self-respect.  Try a few of these things in your next encounter with an energy vampire or negative person, and you will find yourself much more equipped to handle the situation.


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