6 Personality Traits That Mean You’re Actually A Natural Leader

Everyone wants to be a leader, but not everyone has what it takes. Do you?

Leadership expert Jim Rohn notes that there are seven key personality traits involved in great leaders, and if that’s who you want to be, you’ll need to hone these seven traits.

1) Show strength without being impolite

Frequently, people mistake strength for a lack of tact, for bossiness and rudeness. Don’t make that mistake.

2) Be kind without being weak

For many people, kindness can be mistaken as weakness, but the best leaders know better, and are able to gently and kindly tell people the truth, even if they may not like it. That isn’t weakness at all, but a very rare form of strength.

3) Be bold without being a bully

Seizing the moment is difficult, and requires a certain boldness. That isn’t the same as being a bully, however: Learn how to be bold without bullying, and you’re well on your way to being a great leader.

4) Embrace humility, not timidity

Humility means accepting your mistakes, being graceful, and seeing yourself as part of something larger. Timidity is simply weakness and an unwillingness to step up or speak up. Know the difference well, because humility will draw people to you; timidity, on the other hand, repels.

5) Be proud rather than arrogant

Taking pride in your work, in your cause, in your accomplishments is great. Arrogance, however, is insufferable. Just as timidity repels, so does arrogance, and no arrogance is worse than ignorant arrogance. It’s an ugly character trait, and should be avoided at all costs.

6) Embrace humor, but not foolishness

It’s important that you’re able to laugh, and to have a good time. That isn’t the same as foolishness, however, and that’s a mistake many would-be leaders make: They mistake foolishness for good fun, when really it just makes them look immature and unable to properly lead


Admittedly, every leader is different, and what works well for one person and in one situation may not work well for another person or another situation, but these seven traits will get you off to a good start. From there, learn to listen, and you’ll be surprised just how much leadership power you may accrue.


*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.


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